Monday, February 23, 2015

Fit by Fitbloggin' Progress Report Week 2: Exhaustion

Yesterday's post was a pretty good indication of how I'm feeling lately. The way-below-zero temps we have been having have made it hard to get outside to exercise, which really impacts my mood. I feel like a mole person. My allergies have really flared up, maybe because I'm inside so much. I have red, itchy eyes and I'm all stuffed up.  I missed my workouts yesterday because I just didn't have the energy. I'm going for my shot today in the hopes that that will calm things down.

Work has been stressful in the last two weeks and I know it probably won't let up anytime soon. I just have to try to keep my focus on the work I need to do and not on all the other turmoil going around the office.

Enough moaning. Here's the progress report:

Weight change from last weekl: down 1.6 pounds
Days tracked last week: 4 days
At least 3/5 Good Health Guidelines met: 3/7 days (with 2 of those days 7/7)
Average hours of sleep: 6h, 11m (worse than last week)
Average steps: 6,524 (better than last week)
Hours of training: 6h, 4m out of 6h 30m (felt terrible on Sunday)

My food for this morning is tracked, and I'm getting dressed to go get my shot and work out after I finish this post.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Going old-school

I am a gadget girl -- I was an early adopter of the electronic calendar since it's the only way that I ever make it to meetings on time. But when I saw the video for The Passion Planner, I really wanted to try it. I think there is some power to pen and paper. 

It was obvious that the Passion Planner people had not planned for the kind of crazy success they had because their shipping was very late -- I finally got my planner this week, a gift from my Fitbloggin' Secret Santa Sharla (thank you!). 

I'm going to keep my appointments electronically, but each week I will add them to my Passion Planner and look at the week ahead.  

I'm doing something similar with Weight Watchers -- I do track on my phone, because that's the easiest way to get the points, but there is something about tracking on paper that helps me, so I bought a new spiral-bound tracker.  I didn't have a great weigh-in yesterday because I didn't track on Fat Tuesday -- it was a terrible day at work and there were treats everywhere. I didn't go crazy, but I still indulged too much. I was up 0.8.

I'm no longer Catholic, if I ever was, but Lent still feels like a time to focus on being a better person to me. My husband and I are returning to using our HomeRoutines app because we want to be more organized and less messy at home. I'm also going to add extra focus to my "Fit by Fitbloggin'" food and exercise tracking.  No Facebook until my meals are tracked. I'm also going to try to catch myself when I'm worrying/obsessing about the things I worry and obsess about. If there isn't something constructive I can do, I need to distract myself from them.

Are you using Lent to give up/add in anything to your habits? 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Fit by Fitbloggin' progress report week 1: Not stellar

Pounds to Weight Watchers goal weight: 30.4
Pounds to my Fitbloggin' goal: 11.4
Days tracked last week: 7 days
Good Health Guidelines met: 2/7 days (need to get better with healthy oils and multivitamin)
Average hours of sleep: 7h, 1m
Average steps: 4,872
Hours of training: 8h, 40m out of 11h 15m (woke up sick on Sunday)

I made backward progress on every measure except one: I tracked every day. Some of those days, though, I had to track late in the day or even the next morning -- I need to get better on this measure too.

Last week at work was stressful, one of the worst I have had in a while. I am letting myself worry about things that are not under my control, and I need to put a stop to it. Even all the workouts didn't help the way they usually do.

My body fat measure was the one thing that went down -- but even that, as you see above, suggests that I'm making adequate progress to reach my goal weight in 13 years. That's a little later than I hoped.... 

All I can do is try to do better this week. I'm tracked up until now for this morning and am going to take my multivitamin after I finish this post. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Great training week spoiled

I started to feel bad around 2:00 yesterday. My throat hurt, no matter how much I tried to drink water. My energy was starting to crash. I thought it was my long bike ride yesterday, but in the middle of my Valentine's Day dinner, I wanted to fall asleep.

I definitely have a cold, and I'm not going to be like the woman sniffling next to me on the yoga mat on Monday (hmmm) and go to the gym to share it.  I also don't think swimming would be a good idea. I have to settle for 8:40 instead of the 11:15 planned for this week.

I should have done that 35-minute workout in the middle of today's plan earlier in the week, and I won't leave more than 2 hours for a Sunday again.

Hoping I can be back at it by Tuesday for my "down" week. Only 6:30!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Win a Fitbloggin' conference pass and hotel stay!

Wish you could come to Fitbloggin' and see me (and some other people) present but feeling a little light in the wallet? Well, the fabulous Roni has a chance for you to win most of your way there.  Three lucky people will score a conference pass, two nights in the conference hotel, and a swag bag from last year's conference with all this stuff:

If you'd like to enter, you have until March 16, the day that begins the 100-days-till-Fitbloggin' countdown. Head over to the Fitbloggin' site to find full details on how to win.

Of course, I'd like to win this stuff too, so I'm going to make my pitch.

I want to come because the Fitbloggin' community has become like a family to me. It wouldn't be the same without me because even though I'm not a big blogger name, I'm willing to play my part and be a cheerleader and fangirl. I like making people feel included and comfortable.

Plus, did I mention that I'm speaking?

The winners will be randomly selected, so don't miss your chance to enter. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to remove Shellac/Gel manicures the easy way

Note: This is an unsolicited, uncompensated review. I found a product that worked for a difficult task and decided to share it with my readers. There are Amazon affiliate links in this post. 

I love and hate Shellac (or Gellish, or OPI Gel) manicures. I love them because I can leave the salon with my nails completely dry and not worry that I will ruin my manicure before I get home.

I hate them because my nails are soft, so they bend and cause big chips a little more than a week after the manicure. As soon as there is a chip, I want this stuff off my nails, and I don't usually have time to run back to the salon for a professional soak-off.

I hate sitting with my fingers in a bowl for ten minutes. I have also tried the cotton-and-aluminum-foil method without great success.  I decided to see if Sally Beauty Supply had anything that would work better, and found these HandsDown Soak Off Gel Nail Wraps for $35 (available for about half the price at I also bought some pure acetone (regular nail polish remover won't work on gel manicures) and enough cuticle pusher sticks to last me the rest of my life, assuming I don't lose the whole bag.

These wraps are really cool. I thought they would be just gauze with tape strips at the end, but they are actually small elastic bandages with a cotton pad attached.  That means if you don't put it on right the first time, you can easily readjust it.  I soaked the pad in the pure acetone, and then placed the wrap on my finger so that the pad was tightly pressing on the surface of the nail.

I was glad I decided to do only one hand at a time. I was going to do both, but then realized I wasn't going to have much luck doing anything with my fingers all bandaged up. The wraps stayed on very well, but I also didn't try to do much during the time I was waiting. 

I set my iPhone timer for 10 minutes after I finished the last nail, but 15 minutes might have been even better.  Once the timer went off, I firmly pushed down on the pad and slid the whole wrap off my nail and onto a paper plate to contain the mess.  Some of the polish came off with the wrap, but the rest had to be pushed off with the nail stick, and I scraped the polish into the plate as well. A little more time might have made the polish come off more easily. 

Most salons will charge $10-15 for a soak-off procedure, so even at the inflated price I paid I think these nail wraps are a bargain. Though they are a little more expensive than aluminum foil, they have the advantage of being perfectly suited to the task. There are 100 wraps per box, which is enough for 10 manicures (or pedicures). 

I'm annoyed because I have a couple of chunks of polish on my fingers that I missed because I didn't see them last night. I'll just buff those off with a nail buffer.  I need to keep reminding myself that picking at them ruins my nails, because I'm a little OCD about things like this. Next time I will leave the wraps on for a little longer and take the time to repaint my nails so I don't keep noticing these bumps. 

"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07