Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Don't believe the hype: Coobie Bra review

This is a decidedly unsponsored review: I bought my bra with my own money and I'm blogging about it as a public service announcement.

I live in a small suburban city near Toledo that has a very quaint downtown shopping area within walking distance of my house. It has craft stores and upscale boutique shopping and little yoga studios. Very nice. I'm surprised they let me live here, actually.

Last week there was a sidewalk sale, and my favorite of the upscale clothing store had some cute dresses on sale.  I tried a bunch on. On the way to the dressing room, I spotted the Coobie bras. People swear these things fit everyone and are super comfortable.

I asked the owner, "Do these things really work?" She said they did, that she wears hers everywhere. I asked if they fit women with large busts like mine. She said to go ahead and try one of the Plus Size ones. She said they were good for the gym, too.

There was a bright turquoise in the Plus Size so I tried it on. It was super comfortable, and it fit fine. I would never, however, wear it outside my house -- it's not nearly supportive enough.

I bought it anyway, because I don't like to sleep in a regular bra, but I'm not super comfortable walking around in my pajamas without one, especially when I'm going to be around other people. I have tried various bralettes and they don't fit right or stay in place. For providing a little support while walking around the house, the Coobie works great. I might even get one or two more if I find them on sale (there is, actually, a coupon code on the site right now, but I'm trying to watch my spending).

I wouldn't wear it to the gym, though, not even for yoga.  A small-busted woman might be able to get away with it. They have padding so I don't think they would give the dreaded uniboob look that a sportsbra can.  There are people who just hate wearing bras, and I think these would be comfortable enough to convince them to rein in the girls. Coobies would also be great to wear when recovering from surgery or from a bad sunburn.

But I think anyone who suggests these are going to be a replacement for regular bras for anyone wearing more than a B cup is lying.  It's really a gravity issue -- the material is very stretchy, and the band is not substantial enough to provide much support.  So buyer beware -- this bra is super-comfortable but it can't defy gravity. There were several testimonials from women who had had augmentations -- in that case gravity isn't much of an issue so these should be great.


  1. Forgot to mention -- for a second or two I considered posting a photo. Then I immediately thought better of it and deleted the photo from my phone and photostream.

    1. I have a small rib cage and relatively large bust (30/32 DD/E) and these were a total bust (ha!) for the same reason for me. The band wasn't tight enough and I got this sort of flat, lumpy, saggy look. And because I didn't feel supported, they weren't comfortable. I could have kept them to sleep in, but instead I bought some fabulous built-in-shelf bra tanks from Athleta that I would and do wear to yoga and in public when I'm not in the mood for underwire. It's not the support of a sports bra, but it's fine for daily activity and yoga-type activities.

  2. I will actually go look for one to try as a sleeping bra (is the band tight enough?), appreciate the suggestion.

    I had a thought - I am not sure breasts that have had plastic surgery and have implants require as much support. So I am wondering if the breasts in the pics and the people raving about them might be boob job women - ?

  3. I missed that you said the same thing the first time I read. I was thinking of a woman in my free weights class and realizing she wears that type of bra and it doesn't matter.

  4. The center I go to sells them. The plus size one would never hold my plus sized chest. I can't imagine them being really supportive.

  5. The marketing company for them sent me one a couple of years ago with the same "everyone can wear it!" premise. Uh, no. Gave it to my preteen niece. Couldn't imagine anyone of any boobage exercising in it.


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