Monday, April 20, 2015

Fit by Fitbloggin' detour: Biometric screenings and a Mad Men fan question

I didn't weigh in at home this morning -- I had fasting tests this morning for our insurance company instead. They did weigh me, but since I was clothed and it was a different scale, I'm not going to try to compare the results with my home scale weights.

If I had gotten up a little earlier, I could have weighed in here too, but as it was, I was glad I remembered the appointment and managed to make it there on time. I am still feeling a little tired and groggy after my race yesterday, especially because I had to stay up to watch the newest Mad Men.

Mad Men fan question: Have any other Mad Men fans noticed that Peggy's wardrobe colors often relate to the account she's working on? When she was working on Burger Chef, her clothes had the colors of the logo. Last night she had a peanut butter account, and her dress was a brown print in one scene and in the next, she had a suit with a tan stripe in it. She is looking very pretty and soft lately -- they let her harsh cut grow out a little and she has been wearing more luminous makeup. When things are going bad for Peggy, they seem to use more powder to make her look tired.

Okay, now back to our regularly-scheduled program.

My numbers at these things are always good except for weight and, as a result, BMI.

Here are today's numbers with desirable target numbers in parentheses:

Total cholesterol: 133 mg/dL (less than 200)
HDL cholesterol: 73 mg/dL (greater than or equal to 60)
LDL cholesterol: 45 mg/dL (less than 130)
Triglycerides: 77 mg/dL ( less than 150)
Glucose: 85 mg/dL (less than 100)
Blood pressure: 109/81
BMI: 29.7 (18.5-24.9)
Waist circumference: 32 (less than 35 for women)

Overall, pretty good. I'm working on weight loss and stress management, which will hopefully take care of the BMI and the higher diastolic blood pressure number.

Our health care plan gave us a free Fitbit Charge for participating in this assessment, so soon I'll have a review of that gadget. It's amazing to think that they believe they will save enough money through this intervention to pay for the screening personnel and the Fitbit devices for everyone who agrees to take part.


  1. Healthy healthy!

    And now I want to go back and check out every Peggy episode! :) Excellent observation!

    Do you read Tom & Lorenzo's fashion recap of MM episodes?

    Can't believe it's nearly the end of the series. Sniff sniff!

    1. I read a couple of episodes but they didn't mention the color-coding. The pretty green dress she had on recently was the same color as the bottle of the vermouth she was promoting in that episode (with Pima). I am going to miss the series when it's done. Maybe I'll go back and read all the fashion recaps to console myself. :)


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