Sunday, February 01, 2015

Triathlon training: A down week

I'm probably not going to hit my training hours this week. This was supposed to be a rest week, with 6 hours, 30 minutes of workouts, but I'm going to be about an hour short if my swim is cancelled, which looks likely.  I think that's okay, I'm just getting even more rest than planned. No outdoor workouts are happening today, but I moved a DVD yoga workout I had planned but not completed earlier in the week to today.

I thought this down week would feel good, but to be honest, I have been tired all week. My husband said that was because of the delayed reaction of last week's training catching up to me.  I also noticed that on Monday and Tuesday, when I didn't work out, I felt more stressed out at work than usual, and had more trouble sleeping.  In some ways, working out harder is more restful for me than taking the time off.

I was so intimidated by the idea of yesterday's 2-hour bike/run workout at my triathlon coach's house, but I did it anyway and had fun. I really like the people who work out in that group and there is something cool about doing something so hard.  Sometimes the trick is not to think about it and just do it.

I'm going to enjoy my day of being snowed in. I'm already lobbying my husband to switch from the Superbowl to Downton Abbey at 9:00 pm.  Neither of us likes either team anyway.

Happy Sunday!

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