Friday, August 29, 2014

Triathlon wetsuit score

One of the members of my triathlon club had gotten too small for her wetsuit and was looking to get rid of it. I was able to buy it from her for $50. Amazon lists the 2XU Women's R:2 Race Wetsuit for $275 (affiliate link just so you can see what it looks like). My seller paid $250 but had worn it for two seasons.  It still looks almost new. She got too thin for it. I offered her $75 but she said she would give it to me for $50.

I had a triathlon wetsuit once. It was a different style, a bibjohn with a sleeveless top over it. I paid around $300 for it. It didn't seem to have a lot of special features.  I was between sizes so I bought it on the small side, thinking I would shrink. I found it very uncomfortable and almost impossible to get in and out of. I wore it once, and then had it in my closet as a source of shame and sadness over the waste of money and the weight gain until I sold it for $50.  

Somehow this new wetsuit feels like it settles that old score.  I'm near the center of the weight range for it, and I was able to put it on without BodyGlide or any other lubricant, so I'm hoping that history won't repeat itself with this one.  With BodyGlide (or PAM cooking spray, which is what I see a lot of fellow triathletes using) I'm hoping it will go on more easily and that I can get more comfortable in it, and the reviews I have seen suggest that it is more comfortable once it gets wet.   I'm not sure if I will get a chance to wear it until next year, since it can't go in the pool. 

I wrote yesterday that I had a goal of doing an Aquabike. One worry I had was that one of the races I was looking at was very early in the season, and I didn't have a wetsuit so I wasn't sure I could do enough open-water training before the race.  This solves that problem.

I have heard mixed reviews on whether it will help me be faster. That is the reason most of the people who have them say they got it, for the speed, but I am already a pretty good swimmer.  I will have to see if it helps once I get to swim in it.  I was definitely going to need one if I ever wanted to do a longer race or one in colder water.  I did the Chicago Triathlon in 65-degree water without a wetsuit and almost froze. 

The seller was glad to get rid of it, too. I know how that feels. 


  1. I don't know if my wetsuit helped me go faster, but it def put me at ease so that I could focus on the swim. Hurry for a great fitness deal! I almost cheered out loud yesterday when my sports bras were on clearance PLUS a 25% off coupon on my phone. LOL!

  2. Yay for finding something that a great deal too! I love finding bargains. Enjoy!


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