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Bras for well-endowed women athletes

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I get asked about this pretty often, so I thought I would share my recommendations and experiences with sports bras. I have pinned links to the bras in the Pinterest board above.  I wear different sizes in different brands -- in the Enell I wear a 1, in the VS Sport and the Moving Comfort, I wear a 34DDD. None of these links are affiliate links, I just wanted to help other women find their perfect fit.  Here are my favorites:

#1: Enell Sport

Until my experience modeling this bra at Fitbloggin', I had never tried it.  The whole look of it was a little intimidating.  However, now that I have run wearing this, I wouldn't want to run wearing any other bra.  It holds everything in place and there is no bounce at all. I would like to proselytize about this bra to the unsupported women I see running, but that would be weird, so I don't. If you wear a D cup or larger, you should definitely try one of these.  It may just change your life. It works for my triathlons too -- I wear it under my trisuit.

There is also an Enell Lite, but I haven't tried it yet. I like that the fabric is moisture-wicking.  That is one problem sometimes with the Enell Sport -- it can get hot.

#2: Moving Comfort Maia

This was the bra I was wearing to run before I tried the Enell. It is fairly supportive and it has molded cups under the smooth outer layer, so it doesn't create the dreaded uniboob effect. If it peeks out under a V-neck, it just looks like a tank top. I have three of these -- two in black and one in blue. I hang-dry all my bras, so they last a long time.

#3: The Victoria Secret Knockout Bra

This is my newest find. It uses the same strategy as the Maia -- molded cups under a smooth outer layer, but with a zipper and snap close instead of hooks in the back. This is the prettiest of all my sports bras by far, but I wouldn't wear it to run or do any impact activity like aerobics. It is great for Pilates, yoga, weight lifting, or just standing around looking good. My trainer saw me in this yesterday and said that I should go buy a bunch of them and wear them every day.  I thought that was a pretty strong recommendation.  This is one of the few VS bras available in sizes up to DDD.

Honorable Mention: The Coobie Bra

I wouldn't wear this bra to do anything, but I do like it for those times when I am at home and want very light support and not to feel restricted. I even wear it to bed sometimes and it is comfortable enough for that -- no seams, breathable material. I only have one but I would like a few more.

Do you wear any of these? Do you have recommendations to share? 

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