Thursday, June 12, 2014

In other news...

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Believe it or not, my life is about a little more than the number on the scale and the topic of this week's Weight Watchers meeting. Sorry if I have gotten a little one-note. In the spirit of being an actual person and not a weight-loss robot, I thought I'd post about some other things going on in my life.

Perfect for Throwback Thursday...
My husband and I celebrated our 20-year wedding anniversary in May. It was fun to look at the albums and see how different we all looked 20 years ago. The album had gotten a little dusty.

In celebration, we are going on our first vacation in a while together in July. Neither of us have been to Mackinac Island, which is a huge vacation spot for this region, so we are planning to go in July. I pulled the trigger on the hotel reservation and I'm very much looking forward to it -- we are taking our bikes and only plan to pack one backpack each.  Feel free to share suggestions if you have been there on places to go, things to do...

I also have something else exciting coming up that I can't talk about yet -- I know that's a total tease -- but I am hoping to be able to spill the beans before Fitbloggin'.

As for Fitbloggin' itself, that is coming up very fast. I am presenting a Triathlete Chat, which is a bit ironic because I'm not sure if I will be doing a triathlon this year. Every time I run, my hamstring tightens up, so I have been focusing more on swimming and biking.

I have been talking about doing Swim to the Moon for several years, so I decided that if a triathlon isn't happening this year, I should train for the 5K swim.  I'm swimming in the mornings at the JCC and I have some evening open-water swims with Team Toledo -- the first one is tonight -- and I have the option of doing 2 miles.  I am going to start off tonight with one mile, but next time I might try for two.

So that's the other news around here.  I'm going to try to remember to post at least one non-weight-loss-focused post a week so you don't get too bored with me.


  1. We love Mackinaw. Bikes are very good idea, road all the way around the island if I remember. You will be highly amused by convict signs on the drive up there. Can't remember exactly what they said - something about not picking them up I think.

  2. I think we spent a long time at fort, kids loved it.

    Horse back path too (husband and oldest and middle, youngest was too short for requirement, I stayed with her)

    Boat ride to island is fun, rooster tail sprays off back of boats.

    Anything you can do at Grand Hotel is worth it. Beautiful.

    I think we went on ip to the lockes. But it was after 9-11 and security was tight, not same as it used to be where you could wander.

    1. We did buggy tour and that is where we got most our island information.

      For YEARS middle wanted to grow up, move there, and teach.

      I might be wrong, but I have a vague memory that they use their Xmas trees to mark a path across frozen lake to mainland each winter.


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