Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hello again, Weight Watchers

I saw the sports medicine doctors for my injury today. It does not appear to be a joint problem at all, based on the tests that they did. They think I strained my hamstring. That seems in line with the soreness I was having right before the injury -- if the muscle was already damaged, running on it made it worse. 

Though the doctors did not mention it, I am conscious of the fact that running with extra weight on my body is not helping my situation. I also know that if I can't exercise the way I usually do, my food really has to be on point.  After a lot of thinking about it, today I called my insurance company and signed up for Weight Watchers through them.  Our plan allows us to buy the Monthly Pass at a special rate and then get a reimbursement for part of the fee if we attend a certain number of meetings in a three- or four-month period.  It makes sense -- statistically, if they can get even some of their clients to lose weight, they will save a lot of money.

I was ready to do something today, so I checked into meetings and found one I could attend after work.  I don't like weighing in at night, since the weight is always higher, but I thought I might find more kindred spirits in an after-work meeting than a morning meeting.  I want a meeting where the other people work for a living too.

I really like the leader at the meeting I chose, so I will stick with it. She is funny and fresh without making everything all about her.  She is sympathetic but also straightforward -- just what I need.  It also turns out that one of my favorite coworkers, someone I don't see often, was there too for her first meeting.  It will be fun to have someone I like at the meeting each week. 

It turns out I haven't been to a meeting since 2011, so a lot has changed with the program. The center I visited is brand new, and has little privacy cubicles for weigh-ins -- no more having the whole world see your reaction.  The computer screens have privacy screens so that no one can peek, too -- and the scale is set up so the weight readout is right in front of you as you weigh, so you don't have to get the receptionist's reaction before you know what your weight is.  And now instead of flip charts for the meeting, there is an actual flat-panel computer display for the program -- no more clip art.  All great changes. The center is brighter and nicely decorated, and I like the new color scheme and logos. Spring green seems to suggest new beginnings. 

There are some nice changes to the program so far, too. Simply Filling seems a lot less restrictive than the Core program that used to make me homicidal.  The program seems a lot more focused on helpful strategies instead of cutesy sayings and themes. Today's meeting was all about plateaus and the different reasons they might occur, and different ideas for dealing with them.  Really helpful stuff. 

I have today all tracked. I'm on target even without having planned to join Weight Watchers when I had breakfast.  I feel really optimistic. My husband is on board -- he wants to lose too, and he's willing to help, knowing that when I'm on track, he loses weight too. He had a Points-friendly dinner waiting for me when I got home (I shopped, he cooked, nice division of labor!) and was willing to listen to me blather on about the program for a while. 

I just need to keep a good attitude and remember that I can do this.


  1. Good luck! I lead a Monday night meeting, which I thought would be dismal at first (having always been a morning member) but they are a VERY successful group, almost always losing an average if 1-2 pounds per member. Who knew?

    1. Once I get used to the higher-looking numbers, there isn't really any reason that I can't lose -- as long as I'm not hopping back and forth between morning and evening meetings.

  2. My personal opinion is it is very much in your favor to weigh in at night, after regular day of food and water. It is what you actually weigh. And if you always weigh at night, the loss shown is an accurate loss. Yes, your starting number will be higher (in your mind) but it is still what you actually weigh.

    The games playing, associated with WW weigh ins (not eating or drinking before meeting, stopping at drive thru after meeting) is not a good thing. Even if you were not doing the starve/drive thru thing, there is just still something of a game thing going. It is one of the big negatives I have seen with WW. That diet mentality reinforced.

    Hard to believe it has been since 2011. If you had asked, I would have guessed last year.

    I have noticed the WW signs here are all in new locations, so I wonder if they are remodeling all over the place.

    You can exercise. It will just be different. Abs and arms and Pilates type moves. Take advantage of this time.

    And honestly, when you are healed enough for the pool, I would only swim laps. No impact moves. Take advantage of the fact you know how to swim and have access to a pool. Many people do not have that option.

  3. My husband and I are doing WW together, with some good success. I weighed in this morning and lost another pound for the week. Like you, I prefer to weigh in the mornings, so that I am not weighing food and water, which can vary from day to day, depending on intake. I also wear the same clothing or the same type of clothing for each weigh-in, because different clothing items can vary a good deal in weight. But it will all eventually even out. It has given me some structure and boundaries, which I had needed for some time. Best of luck to you...


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07