Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday weigh-in, and some reflections on The Diet Fix


I'm not surprised to see a loss today -- I was pretty sure that Monday's weigh-in was higher than it should be.  What does surprise me, as I listen to the audio version of The Diet Fix, is the stubborn hold the negative attitudes that this book seeks to fix have on me. 

In some ways, I was treating this as just a new diet, not a fix. I expected to see some kind of miracle that was going to fix my weight. What really needs to be fixed is the attitude that had me judging the success of this 10-day change by a number on the scale. But it's so easy to do, because this is one book, but most of the other cues around me are saying, "hurry up and get thin by swimsuit season."  I did the tasks, but I didn't really feel the shift in attitude develop that I had hoped for.  I think something like that is going to take time. 

I also realize how much better I absorb certain content by listening than by reading. I got a lot out of the book the first time around, but when I'm listening to an audiobook, even if I am doing a task like folding laundry, the content really seems to sink in emotionally.  I realized that I was trying hard to hit the minimums for meals and snacks and had completely ignored or not really believed that I was supposed to eat more if I was still hungry.  I didn't want to, because I wanted a weight loss even more than I wanted a healthier attitude.  There was definitely a big sense of relief when I read the book the first time and thought that I didn't have to carry this negativity around forever, but part of me feels afraid to let it go.  

I think it's going to be a process that takes time.  

I'm going to keep practicing what I learned with meals and snacks, and try more of the recipes in the book.  I plan to go through the ten days again, with an attempt to really absorb the lessons. Don't worry, I won't go through a whole new set of Diet Fix posts, but I will keep you posted on any interesting insights I have along the way. 

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