Friday, March 14, 2014

The Diet Fix Day Seven: Indulge

Very few diet books have a prescription to indulge, but that is exactly what this one has. Dr. Freedhoff says he routinely writes prescriptions in his practice for chocolate, chips, ice cream, and other indulgent foods.

Why? "Ultimately, dieting can't be about denying yourself the foods you enjoy." He says that dieters who forbid their favorite foods will eventually succumb to temptation, and then feel guilty and hopeless.

Instead, he recommends smart indulgences. That means that you do your best to be on point for the rest of the day -- you have your regular meals and snacks, you do your "toothbrush level" of exercise, and otherwise set yourself up to feel successful.

Then you ask yourself two important questions:
Is it worth the calories? How much of it do I need to be happy?
Jesse and I discussed what indulgence we would choose for our Day Seven treat. We agreed on ice cream cones at Handel's, our favorite local ice cream place. We had a delicious, healthy dinner with plenty of protein.  We each had done our planned workout, but we added in an extra walk in the park since the weather was nice. And we went out for our ice cream, so we would have a controlled portion and be done with it. I don't like to keep ice cream or other desserts in the house.

We had a great walk -- and got it done just in time, while the sun was still out. By the time we went for our dessert, it was a little cold to eat ice cream outside (note the snow in the background).

Do you allow yourself indulgences or avoid them? What would your planned indulgence be, if you were to choose one thing?

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