Saturday, March 01, 2014

Hooray! It's March 1!

Image from tomylees, used under a Creative Commons license

I got through a tough week in a hard month. I hurt my shoulder on Wednesday trying to do some weight lifting before Spin class, and it was such intense pain that I couldn't even hold a glass in my left hand (and I'm a lefty) Wednesday night.  I was so relieved when it was back to normal.  I didn't go to my Pilates Circuit class today for fear of reinjuring it.  On Thursday, I taught my last class for a while. My dad is out of the hospital and home. That definitely helps me feel less stressed, too. 

 Now I just need to grade a few papers and get ready for a trip to Washington, DC.  I'll be leaving Tuesday and will be back Friday.  This is a trip I do every year for CARE, and I look forward to it. 

I am going to use Lent to try a new habit, something that I like to do even though I am not really Catholic anymore. This year, I am going to try closing the kitchen after 6:30 p.m. I read a book on Intermittent Fasting, but I could feel myself feeling nutty at the thought of restricting so severely two days a week.  I had heard that a lot of people believe there is a real benefit to going without food for a solid 12 hours a day (or more), and I thought that would be a good place to start. My husband is doing it with me, so I won't be tempted by watching him snack. I'm going to do a weigh-in and measure on Monday or Tuesday, and then follow up again after Lent to see how much difference it makes. 

One caveat is on this trip, which is for a conference, I might sometimes not be served dinner until late. In that case, I will just make sure breakfast is later too.  Because it's a plane trip and I'm trying to carry on, bringing a lot of food isn't an option.  I might bring a few KIND bars, but that's all I really would be able to fit in my suitcase.

Last night, I was really tempted to snack and remembered my plans to stop evening snacking, and went to bed instead (it was after 10).  I really was tired and bored, not hungry. I'm catching myself more and more in these urges to eat out of habit and heading them off. 


  1. I wonder if you pinched a nerves since the pain went from intense to -0-. Very scary. My husband had shoulder injury years ago and it took nearly a year to get better. You are right to be careful.

    Major ice last night. Snow today.

    Suggestion - put something physical in the kitchen if you have trouble remembering - like a chair in the doorway or in front of the refrigerator/pantry.

    Is your snacking planned, fit into your day? Or spontaneous?

  2. I have issues with nerve impingement -- this is the first time it has flared up in a while. I will not be going near the lat pull machine again.

    I won't forget about snacking, what I meant was that even though I haven't technically started yet because it's something I will be doing for Lent, I realized that I was only wanting to eat out of habit. I usually have something at night as part of my normal daily intake, especially since I don't like to eat a big dinner, but thinking about not snacking has made me more conscious of whether I am really hungry.

    1. Habit is a huge issue, subconscious mind is triggered by thoughts, smell, time of day, time of year, location, events, etc. I have learned to be super careful of what I do EVEN one time. My go to example is if I had stopped on the way to campus with the oldest or in turn with the middle for ANYTHING that mile marker/substance would be forever embedded in my mind. Something as simple as picking up something at the checkout lane also sets the stimuli/response. I have broken a lot of these over the years:
      Phone = food
      Honestly, I stopped talking on the phone

      Car = food
      I stopped eating in the car unless I took a meal with me and pulled over to eat it somewhere

      Bathtub = book = food
      I stopped reading in the tub which meant I did not stay long and did not eat

      TV = non meal food
      I only watched TV on treadmill for many months
      Now I am fine to eat a meal in front of TV
      No mindless eating problems, but I honestly think that has a lot to do with the fact that I never watch commercials

    2. I was speaking for myself, expounding on habit topic.

    3. I only take showers -- it would take real dedication to eat in there! I hate eating in the car. TV (and movies) do trigger the snack impulse. That's why I'm testing out breaking the habit.

      Grading papers makes me want to snack too -- probably because I hate doing it.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07