Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What I did last week: Nov 18-24

I didn't get around to doing my usual update yesterday because I was obsessed with switching iPhone carriers and all the various details that went along with that. If you're interested, I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile. We are bringing our phones, so switching cost about $20, but we will save $50 per month on the new plan. If we do decide we want new phones, we will have to buy them outright.

I have a hankering for the gold iPhone 5S, but realistically, do I need to spend more than $700 to replace a thing that seems to be working just fine? No, no I do not. I was having some problems with mine for a while, but lately it seems to be OK.

I had fun with all this geek stuff. I need to find a way to bring more meekness into my life. I had to unlock our phones, which was not that hard but required a little online digging to figure out. I love this kind of stuff. The only not-fun part is that it bores everyone else to death when I talk about it, so I will stop talking about it now...

What I did last week, workout-wise:

Monday: 9,825 steps, 40 minutes Spinning
Tuesday: 8,282 steps
Wednesday: 8,628 steps
Thursday: 7,663 steps, 40 minutes Spinning
Friday: 12,767 steps, went to Ann Arbor to get my dad's iPad serviced and had dinner with friends, lots and lots of walking
Saturday: 10,412 steps
Sunday: 6,773 steps, swam for 1 hour

I averaged just under 10,000 steps last week. One problem was that I couldn't run -- my knee has been tight and sore again. I went to a workshop on how to use Rocktape (similar to KinesioTape) but I didn't really get much in the how-to department, it was more a promo for the tape and personal training by the instructor.

Yesterday I did a yoga class for the first time in a long time. I think that I need to do this regularly. I think it could be a combination strength training/therapy thing for me, especially if I did a little weight work before or after.  I might cut back for a while on the endurance work to fit this in.  My schedule could go something like this:

Monday: Yoga and weights
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: Yoga and weights
Thursday: Spin
Friday: Spin or Run
Saturday: Pilates Circuit
Sunday: Optional morning run, evening swim

I'm not even going to try to add a second swim in for now. I find it kind of a pain to swim in the mornings -- I have to drive further to the gym with a pool and then shower in the locker room.

The Rocktape workshop taught me one thing. There was so much emphasis on what was "wrong" with our bodies that I rebelled. I realized that our bodies are all different, and there is only something wrong if we are comparing ourselves to some "perfect" alignment.  I feel like it's time to declare a truce instead of fighting my body so much.  It is doing its best.

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  1. Great job with your steps. I averaged just over 10,000 steps per day last week. It's hard to keep the step count up when the days are short! Especially if you can't run.

    Do you know what is wrong with your knee? I have an ongoing problem with my left knee that requires treatment about once a year. I just called to request treatment which will probably start in a few weeks. Blah!

    As for phones...I've decided a few years ago that I will never buy a phone with a carrier plan again. So now I buy refurbished phones from ebay when I decide i need a new one.


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