Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday weigh-in: Down one

This morning's weight was exactly one pound down from last Wednesday's weigh-in.  My rate of loss has definitely slowed a bit, which I expected, but now I only need to lose one pound per week to win my dietbet -- I only have two pounds to go in 19 days. If I could lose three, I would be at the lowest weight I have been for quite a while.

It has been easier since school started because I have been too busy, and too tired, to want to eat much when I get home from work on the nights that I teach.  I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with the classes, grading, meetings. Tonight I have an open house to attend, but at least I can be home by 8:30.  Most of my work and commitments are in the afternoons and evenings, though, so at least I can usually get a workout in during the morning hours.

My next post will be about something besides weight, I promise!

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