Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday weigh-in, August 14, 2013: Regrouping

The good news: I'm down a pound from last week. The bad news: I have been bouncing around the same few pounds all summer long. Looking at my longer-term trends, I'm seeing that I started the summer at a lower weight that I'm ending it. My famous graph is making a reappearance to illustrate that.

There's no doubt I have made progress in other areas. I feel stronger and fitter after all my summer training. I look better in pictures than I did at the beginning of the summer. Still, I'm feeling a definite need to regroup and make some changes.

It's hard to focus on multiple goals at the same time. My races have been my focus this summer. I did a lot of swimming, especially. Last night was my last open-water swim of the summer. Though I love swimming and the open-water swimming definitely builds muscle, it's not as good for weight loss as Spinning, and I took a hiatus from my Spin classes to focus on outdoor exercise. As much as I love outdoor workouts, I miss the community aspect of the gym. Now that the school year is getting ready to start, Spin classes will get back on the schedule. I registered for my old standby Thursday morning class and will have the option of doing other classes (the YMCA/JCC uses a buy-one, get all option for Core classe). I have two YMCA/JCC centers nearby so I am going to get both of their schedules and plan my fall exercise routine.

I also will have a little more structure starting the 26th -- both of us will be back in school. I will miss our lazy summer days but it is much easier to get on a regular workout and eating schedule when we are both working, believe it or not. I need to do a better job of planning meals and my eating during the day. One great thing -- Lose It! upgraded their Premium meal-planning feature so that I can plan future meals or exercise any time during the day. It used to only work for future days.  I tried it out last night and it's great.

The temptation has been to relax, enjoy the summer... and I don't regret that. My husband and I are both so busy during the school year that I'm glad I enjoyed our time together. The only problem is that we don't have the income to spend the summer traveling and seeing the world, even though we have the time for it. So we did the fun things available in our area, like baseball games and visits to local restaurants.  I am going to miss our time together even though I am a creature of habit and thrive on my routine. A long-term goal of mine is to see if I can find a position that allows me a little more balance all year long, instead of intense activity and long, boring breaks.  Preferably a better-paying one.

I also don't regret focusing more on racing than on weight loss -- I'd rather be an athlete than a dieter, and now I have some new goals to reach for. For the fall, now that my injury has settled down, I will focus more on biking/Spinning and running.  I also plan to either find a strength-training class or choose a couple of days to be my strength-training days at the gym. I want to work up to being able to do an Olympic-distance triathlon (1500 m swim, 40K bike, 10K run) on my own and not as part of a relay. To do that, I need to get and stay injury-free.

I was feeling very discouraged yesterday, but now that I have some perspective and a plan I feel more hopeful. I am still close to the lowest weight I have been in years. The difference in weight is about 5 pounds, nothing to get too worked up about. It was a moment of catching my breath before diving in again.

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  1. Bravo--for being so close to your lowest weight in year. You have obviously been doing something right.

    Fall is a good time for regrouping, and I am doing the same. I wrote more details in my last post. The weight loss thing is multi-faceted, and the mistake that I always make is to be too focused on just the diet. I think your focus on racing has been a very positive thing.


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