Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday weigh-in, July 24: Another one gone

Actually, 0.6 down since last Wednesday, but I'll take it.  Next week, however, I'm going to have to either lose 2 pounds or redo my weight chart.  I'm rooting for the former. My triathlon is Sunday, so who knows what that will do. I had someone ask me once how much weight I lose doing a triathlon, and I just gave them a puzzled face. That's not really the point. The training might help me lose, but not the race itself. The race is a big stress which could temporarily even cause a gain because I will need to work so hard on rehydrating and getting my body back into balance afterward.  It's on Sunday, so hopefully any weight weirdness will settle down by Wednesday.

I feel like I have hit my stride and gotten to a place where this isn't so difficult. Part of that is that I'm fit enough to train harder.  With the start of our CSA, we are eating a lot more veggies.  I also haven't been traveling or going out to eat much, which helps a lot -- cooking at home seems to be key. I'm so sodium-sensitive that one restaurant meal can put me up 3-5 pounds. But I haven't made any big, drastic changes. I have just been gradually working on making good choices. And I'm also not feeling as anxious about it all. It's going to happen.

In other news, I am going to be featured in Ohio Active, At online fitness magazine, as an Everyday Athlete. They found me through twitter, where I gave them a little lip about being too focused on The Three Cs -- in Ohio it seems like everything is about Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.  I didn't expect to be representing for Toledo, but I'm happy to do it. The story should come out tomorrow. I will post a link. I don't tend to think of myself as an athlete, but I guess it's official now.

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