Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Post-race: What now?

Me with Jesse
Picture is from a 2006 race

In the week or two leading up to a big race, everything is centered around being ready for it. I even stopped watching Breaking Bad for a few days because it was interfering with my sleep (I'm only in the second season, so no spoilers, please!). Usually I cut down my workouts a bit in that week leading up to the race. I took Friday and Saturday completely off working out.

It can be a little hard, then, to get back in the swing of things afterward. Sunday afternoon I was very tired and took a big nap -- it's sometimes hard to sleep the night before the race, so I was a little behind on sleep. I had a little more salty food to replace some of what I lost in sweat.

I woke up yesterday in quite a bit of pain -- my knees hurt and so did my toes. I took it easy most of the day but did a short walk in the morning and a longer one in the evening, about an hour total. I made sure to get back to logging my food and eating normally.

Today I plan to do something similar -- gentle movement only.  My knees still hurt -- I must have fallen on them when I crashed my bike, but I honestly didn't feel it at the time.  My weight is still up about three pounds from where it was before the race, hopefully mostly inflammation from my knees and the other soreness I have. I'm concerned about my weigh-in tomorrow, but even if I'm still up, I'm hoping that I can make up for it next week.

I'm considering getting a massage tomorrow -- I have a gift card for one.  I'll also get back to my regular exercise level, maybe a swim.

It's hard to feel focused since I don't have another race on my schedule. I had been considering doing the Women's Distance Festival 5K this weekend, but given the way I still feel, I don't think that's a good idea.  I might shoot for a fall 5K instead.

How do you bounce back after a race?

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