Sunday, July 21, 2013

New tri suit

Old trisuit: RIP
If you read about my wardrobe malfunction during my last open-water swim, you know my old trisuit is no more. I thought it was only a couple of years old, but I actually bought it in 2010.  I know this because I took it back to REI yesterday and they looked it up on my membership. I had bought it at the REI in Ann Arbor, but I returned it to the REI in Northville.

REI used to have a ridiculously generous return policy. They used to have a lifetime guarantee on all of their products. About a month ago, that policy changed.  I looked at the stuff in the "Garage Sale" area of the Northville store, and I know now why they changed it. People would apparently wear shoes until they were all scuffed and muddy, and then return them. They would wear a shirt until it looked old, and return it.  Now they only have a one-year guarantee, and normal wear and tear is not covered.

The cashier nicely explained all of this to me and took my old trisuit back anyway, with a slight price adjustment, because I had never returned anything to this store.  I do think that the zipper breaking was a defect, especially since I only wear the suit a couple of times a year -- it's not like I walk around in these things every day. They aren't exactly the most flattering garments ever.

Danskin suit: Amazon Affilate link
I had told myself I was not going to buy another Zoot suit, because their stuff always runs so small and because of that zipper problem. In trisuits, though, there are only so many options. I did really like a Danskin suit I saw, but they didn't have the right size. Fit is the most important thing, since I don't want extra drag or chafing.

I tried some separates too, but they made weird lumps and bumps and I was afraid of having the top ride up when I was swimming or running.  As unflattering as a one-piece spandex suit might be, a two-piece suit with a tight waistband is worse.

Zoot had really made some great updates on the suit since three years ago. For one thing, they changed the styling -- instead of looking like a top sewn to a bottom, the suit now has side color panels and color on the back. There is a mesh back panel, which should help keep me cooler.  They got rid of the tight elastic bands at the bottoms of the legs, which I never liked.   They replaced them with a looser, wider band that doesn't squish.  And most importantly, the zipper looks more sturdy. Plus, it is cut just right for me. It isn't loose but not quite so incredibly tight, which should put less strain on the zipper.

I wear a trisuit not because of its looks, but because it's very functional. I can wear this for whole sprint race with a sports bra underneath not have to make any clothing changes, except shoes. I will add a race belt (like in the pic above) with my number for the run so I don't have to poke holes in the suit. We are not required to wear the number for the swim or the bike.  I will be given bike numbers and I will be inked with my number for the swim (as above. The blood in that picture is from a mosquito bite).  I really only wear it for racing and for a couple of practice sessions just to make sure everything is feeling okay. I'm really glad that I tested my old trisuit -- imagine if it had broken like that during the race! I am going to try this new and improved one in swim practice on Thursday and hope all goes well. 

New trisuit: Let's hope the zipper holds!

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  1. Glad they had made improvements so you had a one piece option in the right cut. This whole topic sounds like bra shopping x 300.


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