Monday, April 08, 2013

Giving myself a reprieve

This week I'm putting off my "official" weigh-in for a day. The graphs above suggest some of the worst water weight gains I have ever seen -- my body did not drop several pounds of fat while gaining twice as many pounds of lean mass. 

I wouldn't be surprised to see some real weight gain on the scale tomorrow, but not this much.  Things could not have been worse for healthy eating.  I had planned to bring safe food with me but I ran out of time and didn't get to the store.  Every day we had a buffet breakfast with rubber scrambled eggs, bacon, simple carbs, and some lackluster fruit.  We had a baked potato bar with a "salad" of plain lettuce for lunch one day, and a wrap with potato chips and cookies another day.  There were always cookies and other junk food for snacks. On the final day there was finally a fruit basket -- the apple I grabbed was probably the best thing I ate all weekend.  There were no real healthy restaurant options in town and I didn't have a car of my own there.

I have another conference this summer, but I don't expect it to be as bad for a couple of reasons:
  1. I actually want to attend the conference and am looking forward to it, not dreading it
  2. It is in Monterey, California, where I will have opportunities to really get outside and exercise. This conference was in a bleak, deserted downtown of one of those sad little Midwestern cities gone to seed. It didn't feel safe to be out by myself in the early mornings, the only time I had to myself.
  3. The conference facility is likely to have a nice fitness center, instead of a tiny room filled with broken equipment.
  4. The food is likely to be healthier (how could it be worse).
  5. I will be able to walk or use public transit to get to healthier food choices.
Today I am going grocery shopping and am going to plan good meals for the week.  I really did not enjoy eating all that junk -- I felt terrible.  This morning I feel sort of hung over. I am looking forward to getting back to small, cleaner meals.  Tomorrow I will see how the scale looks -- as I said, I'm expecting a gain, just probably not as much as today. 


  1. My suggestion is to make yourself a list, right now, while it is fresh in your mind, what to take when you have a day full of meetings, what to take when you are out of town for a long weekend, what to take when you are out of town for a week.

    Can't assume that there are EVER going to be good choices, because there are probably NOT going to be good choices.

    My vegetarian kids have to do this same thing when they travel. I have to do this same thing when I travel. It is just normal life.

    1. My next trip will be by plane -- though I may be able to bring a few snacks, it is not practical to plan to bring all my food. It's hard enough to fit all the clothes, computers, toiletries, etc. in a carryon.

      I normally have access to a carry out where I can pick up fruit, etc. This was the bleakest situation I can remember. I used to travel a lot and usually had much better choices.

      I thought about not posting today -- I want to be able to be honest, though. Everyone has setbacks and situations like this.

  2. I agree about not being (easily) able to pack food on plane. I have known people who have checked coolers, but I would not have any idea what the rules would be now days ( think how nervous people would be even seeing that).

    One thing that might work is having groceries delivered. I honestly would do that.

    I also would take cab to grocery in a pinch.

    My food life is now very NON-standard. I did very well in Charleston because we ate at upscale places which had a lot of options.

    I wasn't eating out very much before, and now am not eating out at all, which has made life so much easier, better, cheaper, healthier.

  3. I still would make lists while it is fresh in your mind. Much easier to function, when you are very busy getting ready to leave, with a per thought list.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07