Saturday, March 30, 2013

Makeup again -- updated

I wish this was a sponsored post, but no such luck.

I realized that I should take back the products I was unhappy with in my last post. The palette with the dodgy eyeshadow, the blush that made me look feverish. I also decided to see if I could return a Peter Thomas Roth skincare product that made me break out.

Ulta makes you feel like a shoplifter if you attempt to return a product without a receipt. Sephora smiles, loves you even more, knowing they will get even more money from you than they give back.

At Sephora, I ended up getting this gorgeous Hourglass powder for my blush. It makes my skin look all soft and glowy, as if I were in perfect lighting. I skipped the expensive Hourglass brush and picked up a couple of house-brand ones for the PTR, plus having to spend a little more out of pocket. I got a sample of the Hourglass Immaculate Complexion foundation, which claims to cure breakouts and make you look gorgeous. I might get some next time I need foundation if I like the sample. My skin is prone to annoying breakouts and is going through one right now.

At Ulta, I got the DDF moisturizer with SPF I needed. I also bought something I hoped would work for organizing my makeup, because I have dropped two products on our tile bathroom floor and broken them, just because I have no great storage solution -- our bathroom has almost no cupboard space. The organizer didn't fit in our tiny cabinet, so I will have to measure and try again. I made sure to keep the receipt this time. I'm thinking a train case might be a nice solution if it fits. I want something that will let me take out all my products at once and see them all so I can decide what to wear. We don't have any counter space in our bathroom, either.

Any ideas on an organizer that will fit in a space about 11" square? I will use a tape measure to be sure before shopping again. I need to be sure that an organizer is all I buy, though.

Edited to show: Problem solved! Bought a SOHO train case at Target.


  1. that blush looks so pretty! love the description.

    I store my makeup in a drawer, in a spiderman shoe box. :) Your case looks very classy.

    Our Ulta is right next to Target, so I do shop there b/c it's convenient. But I much prefer Sephora (it's at the mall and not as convenient). It's like Disney World, for me--the happiest place on earth.

    1. Our house was built in 1928 -- no bathroom counter, no drawers. We have a pedastal sink and a tiny Target cabinet wedged between it and the toilet. The train case just fits in the top cubbyhole in the cabinet. Without a drawer, things kept falling out on the floor. The train case is a nice solution because it holds a lot.

      The Hourglass powder is more of an all-over highlighter. Sephora is a dangerous place for me, I get excited and spend too much, so I have to space my visits out. Ulta is more of a utilitarian place -- I go and get what I need.


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