Saturday, March 16, 2013

DietBet start weight and photo

I just started My Fitspiration's DietBet, which has a pot of more than $26,000 and more than 1000 players as of this posting. It's crazy! DietBet says that about 1/3 of the players in a typical game meet their weight goal and split the pot, another 1/3 make significant progress (whatever that means), and almost all lose some weight.

I weighed in my usual way and then put on my official weigh-in outfit, left. It's capri tights, a thin t-shirt, underwear and a sportsbra (plus my glasses, which I always wear to weigh in) and it apparently weighs 1.2 pounds, because that was the difference between my own weigh-in (183.6) and the one I did for DietBet (184.8). One of my verification photos is attached. There is also a scale photo with the same secret word. I will wear the same exact outfit for my weigh-out photo, which I will only have to do if I win and reach my goal weight (177.4). I will need to average about 2 pounds a week.  I will be adding the 1.2 pound clothing weight to my check-ins on the game, but when I weigh-in here and on LoseIt, I won't -- just to keep things consistent, if confusing.

I am a little disappointed that my weight is up from yesterday -- we went out for dinner but I thought it was early enough (5:30) that it wouldn't affect the scale. My overall calories for the day were pretty close to target.

I am going to have to be very careful about calories, hydration, sodium, everything if I am going to make this work.  I checked my weight history, and if I make my goal, it will be my lowest weight in more than two years.  That makes me a little sad -- I didn't realize how long I've been up -- but it gives me even more reason to make this work.


  1. So excited for you! I hope you make it. Don't dwell on the past. What's done is done, you're moving forward!

  2. Time flies, I have that feeling all the time - seems recent, but when I check, long time ago.

    It sounds like you feel motivated and excited, good combination.

    Restaurant will get us twelve ways to Sunday, it usually takes me 3 days to get it off, even when I have ordered very carefully and do not think I have gotten sodium.

  3. I also have a weigh-in outfit. I helps eliminate the guesswork of how much I "really lost." Eating in restaurants is most often good for some type of gain. Vickie is right about that. Their food is seasoned to pique the taste buds, and that usually means salt and fat and sometimes msg.

    I have a favorite restaurant called "The Good Earth" located in the twin cities. Their food is the healthiest I have seen. I wish there were more of that type. In spite of their lack of msg and other additives and featuring organic, they are always very busy, so I think that speaks to the desire for food that is healthier.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07