Monday, October 01, 2012

Monday, October 1: Eyes on the prize

I feel ready to tackle focused weight loss again, from a goal-oriented, self-compassionate stance and not a self-punishing one.  I want to think about making decisions in the context of my goals for myself. I'm not looking in the mirror and saying, "yuck," but I am not happy with the way I feel, and I want to work toward the life I want and not just drift along and accept whatever comes. I do think that the months I spent getting my head together will pay off as I move into a more focused weight loss stage.

I weighed in today and measured myself on Friday, so I have the baseline. My weight was up a few tenths of a pound from last week but my body fat percentage was down, which suggests to me that I might be retaining a little fluid -- my muscles are sore from a tough Pilates circuit class on Saturday. I have been using FatWatch for the last couple of years to track my weight and body fat percentage.  It estimates that I have been gaining 0.2 pounds of total weight per week but losing 0.46 pounds of fat. My goal is to keep my lean body mass steady while losing 30 pounds of fat. I am a little hesitant to publish numbers, but for the sake of clarity I will: As of this morning, I weighed 185.8 pounds, at 40% body fat. My goal is 155 pounds, at 29% body fat. That might sound high, but that was the body fat range I was in when I looked and felt my best.  I remember getting body fat tested a couple of times when I looked and felt great, and then feeling terrible because my fat percentage wasn't in the "ideal" range. I don't need to match someone else's numbers this time, I'm shooting for my own ideal range.

I don't have a hard goal date. I'm going to work on the behaviors, and let the results take care of themselves.  It would be nice to be maintaining at my goal by summer, and be out of the "obese" range (this really bothers me) by my birthday.

I will continue to use SuperBetter to track habits that will contribute to my success. I added an important new quest today: "Calories within goal range." I am creating power-ups, quests, and bad guys related to my weight goals, but taking a cue from The Willpower Instinct, I also have fun things like "Photo-worthy weekends," (thanks, Kick Kick) and "Listen to an inspiring song," and "Put on perfume." While working on a willpower challenge, I need to consciously work to keep my spirits up, get adequate sleep, manage stress, and avoid negative thinking. The game can help me do that.

And what can you, my dear readers, do? I'd love it if you could cheer me on. If you have great experiences to share, terrific. I will be posting weekly weight updates and monthly measurement updates, so encouraging comments are always appreciated. I may not be going about things the way you would, but that's okay, right? We can each find our path to success.


  1. For me, no goal dates is great. I would never make the date and then the self hatred begins. I bought the Self Compassion Diet book and I am going to start to read that as well as Intuitive Eating.

  2. This sounds really fab Jen. I'm all set to cheer you on! And on a selfish level it feels reassuring to know someone out there is the same kind of headspace going for a similar approach, albeit with many more pounds to lose here :)

  3. RAH RAH SIS KOOM BAH! Whatever you need!

  4. Everything you wrote makes a lot of sense. Good thought process and planning. I have always thought goal dates (like challenges) get people in major trouble. And I agree it is the behaviors or habits that are key. I find the whole Body fat/pounds topic interesting as I have never really explored it. Did you take pics? You certainly don't have to post them, but I think it is smart to take them in case you want them later. Good post.

  5. A few tenths of a pound?! Girl, don't sweat that at all.

    You probably are retaining a little fluid, but be proud of it! Muscles can retain quite a bit of water when they're in the middle of remodeling. That's just a bit of natural inflammation that kick starts the healing process. It means that something is happening. It's a very good thing.

    I think you're very brave for publishing numbers before results. It takes guts.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07