Thursday, October 11, 2012

A snacky, hungry day

I have been having a rough day today with my food. It started with a lunch meeting. I had no idea what the menu would be so I had a yogurt and some nuts ahead of time. Good thing, too, because it was some very oily-looking veggies, a chicken breast in some kind of cream sauce, white bread rolls, and rice krispie treats. Everything tasted good, but it wasn't what I would have chosen. The meeting was boring one of those "bobblehead meetings" where we are supposed to sit quietly and listen to updates, and I was still hungry, so I went back for a second roll.

Then when I was grading papers, I got very snacky and had some tortilla chips and dry cereal. I knew I had healthier food available, but I didn't want it. Grading papers is no fun and I wanted to distract myself.

 I'm not angry with myself, I understand what triggered me. Boring meeting, skimpy lunch, grading papers, being sleep-deprived (my husband and I were both wide awake at 4 a.m. today, and I'm suffering for it).  The SuperBetter Willpower for Weightloss pack would call this "Kryptonite."

Once I had a real dinner, I felt better.  I haven't logged anything because I know my calories are all out of whack and I didn't eat healthy. Not logging, though, is just making me feel worse, so when I publish this post, I'm going to log my food and move on.  Lesson learned.  I think I will bring my own lunch next time.  I wish I could just skip the meeting.


  1. I think tracking, feeling accountable, is a nice eye-opener. It might help avoid the situation tomorrow, even though it's a no-big-deal kind of thing today.

  2. I am not stuck in boring meetings, but I have noticed that when I am sitting in the same spot for a long time, with a table in front of me, I can drink a lot of water. I think it is because there is nothing else physical to do, my Kanteen is right in front of me. If there is a sink in the room for refills, I take one kanteen. If there is not an available high spigot, I take two Kanteens. I would take your own food. And I wonder if it would help to take things in tiny pieces so it would take a long time to eat.

  3. Lunch meeting lunches always seem to be the types of food that make me tired and sluggish. Which is funny, because the whole purpose of providing the food was to keep you alert right?

    I'm used to walking home for lunch, so whenever I'm stuck on campus for a meeting, it is usually without a lunch. I probably eat pizza at least once a week. It's a habit I keep falling into out of convenience.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07