Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 30: The End, or Just the Beginning

I learned a lot from blogging daily for 30 days. Some of the lessons:

  • Blogging more often brings more visitors and comments and increases the sense of community. Staying connected inspires me.
  • Twitter is a great adjunct to a blog and allows for more spontaneous content.
  • Not every post has to be profound. Blogging more often has allowed me to experiment and play with different formats and different ideas. I'm having more fun.
  • I can't always predict which posts will resonate for readers. Sometimes a quick post is all it takes to generate discussion.
  • Photos are fun and I should take more and use them more in my posts.
  • Link-love posts are fun but they are also a lot of work.
  • Scheduling posts and blogging early are lifesavers on busy days.
  • I like daily blogging enough to keep it going for another month!

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