Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Endocrinologist visit

I saw my doctor today about my thyroid, a follow-up from last year. I was surprised that there wasn't another ultrasound to look at the nodules we had found last time but he said they were very tiny and that since he couldn't feel them by palpating my neck, they were nothing to worry about.

I had to weigh in at the beginning of my visit. Compared to my visit last year, I was up about 4 pounds. I am hoping that my lifestyle changes will eventually have an effect on that, but I haven't had a full week of trying them yet so I can't be too surprised that my weight is still up a little. I was honest about my concern about this and when he looked at my labs, my thyroid hormone levels were down a bit from last time, so he proposed trying a higher dose of the meds to see if that will have an effect. I was at 137 mcg and now I will be trying 150, so it's not a major change. Maybe that will help too, though I have not noticed any real effect on my weight from the thyroid meds so far. I had told him I felt like my appetite was out of control. He looked really serious and said, "Sometimes it's about activity and not just the food." I explained what my level of activity was and told him I was pretty sure it was the food.

I expected to feel discouraged but I realized that since I know that I'm doing the right things, I just have to wait for them to start making a difference. Maybe it was the low hormones too -- I had not seen my test results until today.

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