Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weigh-in report: Another small loss

I lost 0.4 this week. Underwhelming scale progress aside, I feel like I am doing better with my food on most days.  I have been working on 5 veggie and 3 fruit servings a day -- it is tough to do consistently, but when I do, I feel much more satisfied with my food.  I have also been better at building my meals around Power Foods.  I feel like the new plan really pushes us to eat healthier, whole foods and I'm really happy with that change. I looked at a couple of health-related books with diet recommendations (Anticancer was one), and they were all very similar to the kind of eating that works well with the new PointsPlus program: Lots of produce, whole grains, minimal meat with an emphasis on shellfish and lowfat poultry, and healthy oils.

I have felt a shift in my mind if not on the scale. I really do see this change in my eating as a way of life, and I am working on weaning myself from the junky foods that still, despite all of my good intentions, appeal to me. When I eat clean, I feel better and more satisfied. The junk tends to only lead to more junk. Yesterday I indulged in some crackers and cheese for lunch instead of taking the time to figure out a meal based on filling foods, and I found myself snacking all afternoon. I think that's why I had such a lackluster weight loss this week.

I'm three pounds from my goal of getting that first 5-pound star by my first meeting in February. I'm not sure I'm going to make it, but I'm going to keep fighting the good fight.  Check out this video if you need a little inspiration:

The subject, Ben Davis, was on a recent "Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy" episode and is going to be on the cover of Runner's World in April.

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  1. Yay! A loss is a loss!! congrats!


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