Thursday, August 05, 2010

Summer's last hurrah

Podcasting geniuses (genii?) Shauna and Carla have been at it again with another great episode called "Hooray for Summer." I listened to it today while doing a bunch of yardwork that I'd been putting off. I mostly have the summers off as a college faculty member, so it's easy to get caught up in a haze of "I'll do that later," until you start getting the back-to-school emails and realize that you haven't accomplished half the things you said you would.

It's easy to lament the things I haven't done.  The living room is still not repainted, my extra 20 or so pounds of fat are still hanging around, my research projects are coming along but at a slow pace, and my lawn still looks scraggly. 

I did take the watercolor painting class this summer, and am working on my second picture after doing a pretty satisfactory job with the first one. I got my allergies under control and seem to have settled into a new normal with my thyroid meds. I have started a new strength-training program in the hopes of buffing myself up and finally losing the love handles. I expect to blog about that very soon.  I did lots of running, some biking on my new bike, and some swimming. I decided not to try to swim a 5K after all, but I did do a sprint triathlon.  I have a pretty nice tan from all the time I spent outside this summer. Even though I wasn't officially working, I checked in on campus quite a bit and prepared for my classes, as well as participating in new-student interviews.

Mostly, though, I'm happy to feel rested and even a little antsy to get started with the new school year.  Best of all, there are still a couple of weeks to enjoy.

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