Monday, June 14, 2010

Today's weigh-in, plus a bonus weigh-in and an article critique

This morning, I weighed in at 176.8. Yesterday, it was 175.6.  So you can choose the one you like.

I got a sunburn yesterday when I was hanging out by the pool, so my guess is that is what explains the difference. Or it could be any of the million other reasons for weight fluctuations.  I maintained my weight over vacation without tracking food or calories, or I'm slightly up. Either way, I'm going to focus on tracking my food and staying under my calorie allowance and keep up the exercise.  Things should level out.

Speaking of weight, I started reading an interesting article in MORE magazine the other day but didn't get to finish it, so I tracked it down on their website. The author and her mother and sister visited the Biggest Loser Resort and Spa at Fitness Ridge. From their slideshow, they all look healthy and fit, so I think the whole idea of them going was ridiculous in the first place. The author seemed to have some really good insights in the middle of the article:

If we were a normal family, we would have been at a spa, not a boot camp. We would have long ago accepted the shapes that God gave us, and now we’d be getting massages or having a lovely meal. This was not fun. Or normal. Or a good venue for a family reunion. We barely talked here, and when we did, it was about the merits of soba over whole wheat, or elliptical over treading. The fact was, we were at the Biggest Loser at Fitness Ridge because our family hobby was so stupid—trying to attain figures we do not have.
 Of course, the article can't end there. She has an epiphany, finds her inner boot camp goddess, and feels great about the whole thing:

Our final hike was the same one we’d taken on our first day; the goal was to improve our time to the halfway point, the mountain’s apex. At the start line, I told my mother to go ahead at her own speed. I was ready to climb a mountain by myself. She’d taught me how. Because we are not a spa family. We are boot camp people, I realized in the sleet. We live through pain, we overcome it. And boot camp people don’t hold one another back. My mother beat her first time by six minutes. My sister beat her time by eight minutes, and I beat mine by four. And we all earned our Biggest Loser T-shirts.
 I felt that it was a bit of a cheat to see a glimmer of sanity in the middle of the article, but read at the end that the author called her trainer to find out why she had lost so little weight.  I also wondered why a normal-weight person (or three of them) would check into a weight-loss camp that was obviously designed for people like those featured on "The Biggest Loser."  One of the other campers, "Big Jim," was understandably annoyed with her for being there and for calling the hike that he found challenging "appealingly slow." 

It's an interesting article because it gives a peek at the resort, which I was curious about. But every time the author gets a glimmer of self-awareness, she seems to brush it away like an annoying mosquito. My guess is that this is the perspective required for an author to get published in a women's magazine. God forbid we get any ideas about a bigger picture or what is really important.

Anyway, enough dawdling. Time to get to my run.

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  1. Don't ya know that we women folk can't bother our pretty little heads with deep thinking?


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