Sunday, June 27, 2010

Brief race report

I did the Iron Goddess Sprint Triathlon (not sure why they decided to use the word "Iron" in the name of a sprint race) at a beautiful park in Michigan today.  Two friends of mine also did the race, but I cropped them out of the photo just in case they didn't want to be famous.

The race was a weird one. I got to the first buoy in the swim and everyone was turning around. At first I thought that we had all somehow gotten off-course, but the course marshal had ordered us all out of the water because someone heard thunder in the distance. The first few waves had gotten to go but we had to get out of the water and wait around to find out what was going on. At first they were going to have us all do a shorter swim. There were also rumors that we might not get to swim at all but might have to do a duathlon (run-bike-run instead of swim-bike-run). After a while, they decided to let us choose what to do, so some of us did the longer swim and some did shorter. The race results are still not up, probably because someone is having to figure out all the different options that we all had.

I did the 800 meter swim as planned and felt pretty good about my swim. Then I got to the bike course and, even with my brand-new bike, had a pretty crummy ride. I just couldn't get up any speed and two people on mountain bikes actually passed me, which really demoralized me because I knew my bike should have made me faster than them.  I did a lot of self-torturing on that ride about why hadn't I trained more, and why hadn't I lost weight, all that.  I got to transition and racked my bike in disgust, then ran out, really tired from that bike ride.

I saw my husband and my two friends (who had been in earlier waves and had long finished by the time I got out on the course) and told them, "It's not going very well."  I felt awful.  My husband said, "You're doing great, it's going very well!" I realized that I was doing this for fun, not for a world-record time, and decided to just finish it the best I could.  My run was fine, nothing major to report, except that I used Sport Beans at the first water stop, and even though it was hard to get them down, I think they helped me a little.  I had never tried them before, but they did seem to give me a little extra energy.  The course was hilly and on trails, and I still finished the 5K faster than the stand-alone 5K I did last week.

End result: Compared to the same race last year, I was a few minutes faster on the swim, slightly slower on the bike (less than a minute), slightly slower on the run (again, less than a minute) and finished almost two minutes faster for the whole race. Not bad.

Also, when I went to take my bike off the rack to leave, I noticed that the brake was stuck. I thought I had done it by racking my bike with the brake levers, but my husband claims that my wheel got knocked out of alignment on the car bike rack and probably meant I was riding with the brakes rubbing the whole way.  If that's true, it would explain my bike course problems. Regardless, I didn't train enough on the bike, and next time I'm going to make sure that I can't say that.

I also am tired of feeling fat.  It's terrible that I should spend as much time and energy feeling bad about the way I look even on a day like today.  I know I need to lose the weight, but I also need to cut it out.  Yes, there were women doing the race in bikinis. Some looked hot but more than a few had bodies just like mine. Most of the women there looked pretty ordinary, just like me. Hopefully they all weren't obsessing about how they looked in their trisuits.


  1. Great job on doing the race. And completing the bike portion with a rubbing brake makes you hardcore in my book!

  2. It's amazing the range of different topics the mind goes through during the race! Well done Jen...

  3. Congrats on the race! Way to take two minutes off overall, even though you were a bit slower than last year in the bike/run. That says a lot!

    I know what you mean about wasting time feeling overweight. I sometimes get caught up in it, then usually remember I am probably the only one who cares.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07