Saturday, May 01, 2010

30 in 30 Challenge: Lucky 13

Today I helped out with a 5K race, but I wish I would have run it instead. It was a nice day for a run. I got out on my bike instead to try out the new handlebars. I wanted my friend to look at my old bike to see if she would like to buy it from me. She tried it, and it didn't fit her right. She liked my new bike so much that she thought she might go visit the same bike shop I did. In the process, I finally convinced my husband to try out my old bike (he had always said it would be too small for him) and it fit him very well, much better than it ever fit me. So he now has a "new" bike and can retire the used one he had, which was probably top-of-the-line technology in 1990. We went out and rode for about an hour.

My shoulder feels great, but I am still having numbness in the toes on my left foot, to the point of pain. I had asked the bike shop guy about it and he thought my cleat for my clipless pedals could be in the wrong spot. I tried moving it after my ride today. I will have to get out again soon and see if it helped. It's amazing how many little things can be adjusted to make a rider more comfortable. I know when I finally got a ten-speed bike when I was a kid, my parents just took me to a toy store and bought the one I thought was the prettiest. Maybe when you're 10 years old, fit doesn't matter as much. Now I want to do anything I can do to make myself more comfortable so I can ride more.

What are you doing to keep yourself going? Thanks for all the comments -- you are all keeping me motivated.

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