Wednesday, February 17, 2010

No BIggest Loser this week

This week, NBC is showing the Olympics in prime time instead of Olympic weight loss efforts. If you are feeling the loss (I am, at least because I have less blogging raw material without my show update), you can tide yourself over with an interview with Filipe and Sione from Season 7 on "The Biggest Loser Fan Podcast." Sione was one of my favorites on TBL, so it was nice to get a little glimpse of how he's doing now.

My biggest surprise in this interview? The contestants only get a $100-a-day stipend while on the show. I am not sure how they cover their bills, especially when a husband-and-wife team goes on the show. If they don't win the money, contestants have to hope to at least be enough of a screen presence that, like Filipe and Sione, they can get some minor endorsement money and draw a lecture audience.

Of course, losing the weight is a pretty major benefit too. For most, that probably helps make up for the lost income.

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