Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meeting hopping again

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart

Since I had to miss my meeting Tuesday for the big potluck, I went to yet another different meeting yesterday in a different center. There is a center right next door to the place I take my yoga and Pilates classes. I walked right out of my Yoga/Pilates mat class today and weighed in.

The leader of this meeting was kind of kooky. She was one of those people that suddenly has REALLY BIG EYES when she is making a point. She seemed vaguely familiar, and I'm sure that in all my comings and goings to Weight Watchers, we've crossed paths before. She was definitely enthusiastic and seemed to have a pretty dedicated group, but the meeting just wasn't my style. I'm happy that my regular leader is a little more down-to-earth.

Unfortunately, potlucks are not great for weight loss. Still, I am down a little since last week, though not back to my previous low. I am looking forward to the holidays, but even more I'm looking forward to getting back to normal food and a normal schedule again. It's just too hard to hit all these parties and keep things where I want them to be. I went to another party tonight and had a little fling with the bowl of homemade snack mix, which was sitting at my right elbow.
My points have been a mess lately, but I'm trying to focus on at least doing the Good Health Guidelines every day and trying to stay sane at the parties. Next time I'll try to step away from the snack mix.

In better news, I got a bunch of my Christmas shopping done today. For fun I tried using a pedometer application (iTreadmill if you're interested) to see how far I was walking. In the first mall, I walked 1.4 miles (it stops and starts itself so you can still get an accurate read if you walk, look at a shirt, walk a little more, look at some jeans, etc.) and then I forgot to use it at the next couple places I went (an outdoor mall and Target). My guess is that I walked about 3 miles all in all.

I also tried on lots of clothes -- I am a terrible Christmas shopper because I want to buy things for myself. I successfully bought gifts for other people, but I also ended up with a pair of jeans, two sweaters, some new undies, and a new coat! Not to mention the storage ottoman I bought at Target (I'm tired of seeing our laptops lying around the living room when we're not using them)! Clothes are fitting better and I'm enjoying shopping more, which is good for the self-esteem but maybe not so good for the pocketbook. I tried on a bunch of jeans at the Gap. Depending on the style, I can either fit into a 12 or a 14. I ended up buying a pair of "Sexy Bootcut" dark rinse in 14 -- they just looked better to me than the styles I could manage to wear a 12 in. The tag is on the inside, right? I don't feel the need to shoehorn myself into a smaller size to prove a point. I am feeling more comfortable with this whole weight-loss process -- it may not be speedy, but I don't feel like I'm in a hurry.


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  2. Oh, I hate fitting clothing sizes! It's different in each store, but we get it in our heads that we have to be a certain size. I bet your new jeans look great! :)

  3. Just wanted to say that I am guilty of the same thing when Christmas shopping... one for you, one for me... one for you, one for me!


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