Monday, August 31, 2009

Meeting update

I got to the meeting early to weigh in and get my account all straightened out. I hadn't been to that particular center (not sure if I visited another one) since January of 2008. My weight then was 168-point-something. I wasn't in the computer system at the meeting, so it took a little extra time to get me entered. Thanks to the little sticker they printed out for my book, I can see that I'm 21.8 pounds from my goal now. Clearly, quitting meetings did not work out in my favor.

I like the new little pocket guide they give you to track your weight and keep things organized. I don't really like that the points finder is on it, though, since I don't like to carry my weight information around with me. I have about 10 points finders scattered around in my house, so I will probably bring one of those to work and leave the little booklet in my car. The new materials are huge. I am not sure why they decided to go to such a large format, although maybe they are cheaper to produce since they're saddle-stapled and not bound. There is a lot of information in the Week 1 book that I want to review.

Our meeting was not that exciting. I liked the leader, but the topic of the week was the "Lose for Good" campaign, which is a nice thing but did not inspire a lot of conversation. The group was mostly retirees, and there was one who talked a lot. She shared her experience with the 2-point Pumpkin Muffins, but it sounded like she had modified the recipe so much (added nuts, frosting made with lowfat margarine, etc.) that they were not 2 points anymore. She didn't seem to get that, even when people tried to explain. There were a couple of women about my age there, but none of us said much. Since next Monday is Labor Day, I'm going to try the Tuesday lunchtime meeting next week and see if things are more lively in that group.

I haven't decided whether I'm going to like tracking on eTools or on paper better, so right now I'm trying both out. I'm doing my best to act like a brand-new Weight Watcher and do everything by the book. I have already had breakfast and lunch, and I have 7 points left for dinner. Because I'll be away from home teaching, I have dinner all packed: whole-wheat couscous (4) with tomatoes and basil (0), my two teaspoons of olive oil (2), salt, pepper, and 1/2 tsp. of grated romano cheese (0). I also have carrots (0), celery (0), and an apple (1). If I need a snack after class, I will dip into my 35 weekly points.

Even if my meeting didn't rock my world, I'm glad I went back. It is time to get serious about the things I really want. Yesterday I also spent some time planning out my exercise for the next month, signing up for some new classes (Spinning and a strength training class). I have had enough of my dithering around: If I take my goals seriously, there is no reason I shouldn't succeed.


  1. I was interested in this post because, I too, went back to a Weight Watchers meeting after some time away. I was (AM they tell me) a Lifetime member, but am some 30 pounds over my goal. The meeting I went to was, well, meh. I was the only guy in the room and by far the youngest. Most of what was said was either, to me, common sense or a bit facile, though I thought the leader made a great coach/cheerleader and I was pleased to hear her really encourage that we choose natural foods over the processed stuff, even if it does have the Weight Watchers brand on it.

    What struck me going in though was WHY Weight Watchers worked for me back then, and why I think it will work again: it isn't what is actually said in the meetings but the meetings themselves. It is a sort of support group slash team thing that for some reason makes me feel really grounded. I find the points system helps, too; although I know how they correlate to calories (and I still count calories as well as points) there's something comforting in that weird abstraction.

    But, I hope you'll keep going. My first week back was good, and though I struggled at times, it wasn't nearly like when I struggle outside of the Weight Watchers program. When I do that, I go and grab a burger and fries. With Weight Watchers, I still feel like I'm more in control.

    Okay, I'll stop now before I sound too much like an advertisement. I'm just pleased to read somebody who comes out of their meeting with the same odd mix of skepticism (not sure if that's the right word) and comfort that I do.

  2. I think it's all about being held accountable in whatever way it takes. Stick with it and I am sure you'll enjoy success!

  3. You sound motivated and well organised, a winning combination!

  4. I hope you have great success! I didn't lose all my weight with WW, but totally respect their program. I just ignored every piece of good advice they gave me, and so I wasn't successful there. (Not surprising is it?)

    Good luck on your journey!

  5. Hi there :) I read your blog often but comment infrequently. Just wanted to let you know that I too rejoined WW after much wavering. I've got "diet" issues...we all do. But I restarted the very last week of May, and I've lost 15 pounds (I was 30 pounds over my goal!) thus far...without going crazy with restrictions and point anxiety and all that.

    I am very lucky in that I have a wonderful group and great leader (who remembered me from the last time I had joined and warmly welcomed me back), and those things are more important than the weekly topics. Because of course we pretty much know everything presented during those weekly topics.

    Wishing you well on this start to your journey. You (we) can do it!

  6. Good luck with your fresh start!!!
    I read somewhere the other day about a girl who tracks each day with her cell phone. She takes pics of everything she eats and then journals it all when she gets home. I thought that was pretty cool.
    I have a wirebound planner that I use (day by day's kind of big) for work and I just track in that.
    Just find something that works for you and you are more likely to use it.
    good luck!!


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07