Friday, May 01, 2009

A quick yogurt followup

I have been enjoying my prize from the FAGE giveaway immensely. Yesterday I had the 2% with cherries and today I had the 2% with peaches as a post-workout snack. I generally don't like fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt because it's just too syrupy-sweet, but the fruit in these containers is kept separate and has a less sugary taste. Even though the illustration suggests that you could pour the fruit out into the yogurt, they're really more the consistency of jam, so I just dip my spoon in the little pot and then in the yogurt. The cherries were a little bit tart, which was really nice with the yogurt, sort of a cherry cheesecake effect. I thought the peaches were even better, almost like a raw ripe peach.

I haven't seen either of these flavors at my local stores but I'll be looking for them. I have had the strawberry and honey flavors before. The 2% fruit flavors are 3 Weight Watcher points for a container, just like the plain 2%, though you do get less yogurt since the containers are the same size.

It might seem hard to justify spending more than $2 for a container of yogurt, but once you taste it, you'll understand. I'm totally spoiled for any non-Greek yogurt now.

And I promise, this is my last yogurt-related post for a while. By the way, Joan, I am still waiting to hear from you with an address so I can send you your prize.


  1. I haven't seen those single-serve split containers in my stores but I'd buy them in a heartbeat. Fage is just more satisfying than the other yogurts (and loaded with more protein). I'll have to investigate - thanks for the tip!

  2. Update - thanks to your post, I went looking for these little Fage's today and found them! The peach is really good, and they were on sale for $1.79. Totally worth it. Thanks!


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