Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Review: POM Wonderful

My mother's parents were both immigrants from Italy. That may be the reason that I was the only kid in my class who would ever bring a quarter of a pomegranate in a plastic baggie in my lunch. Just like in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," the kids would say, "eeewww, what's that?" And they wouldn't know what a pomegranate was, but if I'd let them taste one of the seeds, they'd want some more.

When I was offered a case of POM Wonderful (8 bottles, 8 ounces each) to try and review, I gladly accepted. I had bought pomegranate juice a couple of times at the store, but I always went for the cheap brand, since POM is a little pricey. I always diluted it with seltzer, about 3 parts seltzer to 1 part juice.

The POM brand is sweeter, though still pleasantly tart. I could drink it straight. It is 150 calories for 8 ounces, though, and this is a weight-loss blog, so after tasting the pure juice, I cut it half and half with seltzer over ice. That meant that my husband and I could each have a glass of "pomegranate pop" from one little bottle. I'm glad I shared it with him, too. There are apparently many health benefits of pomegranate juice but one that stood out to me is the benefit to prostate health. My father-in-law was recently diagnosed with (mild, very treatable) prostate cancer so a little prevention couldn't hurt. The juice also seems to have protective affects on the cardiovascular system. The studies tested the effects of drinking 8 ounces of the juice a day.

Of course, if you're focused on the health benefits, you're probably not interested in this recipe for the Pomtini, but I am looking forward to trying it this weekend. One of my 8 ounce bottles can make 8 drinks! I think I'll stick to one, though, in the interest of health and weight loss.

The little bottles are cute, but if you're going for a daily dose like the studies suggest, I'd recommend buying the larger glass bottles. Unless you plan to make little snowmenout of them, getting your daily dose from those little plastic ones would seem like a lot of wasted landfill space.

The juice is great, but if you haven't tried fresh pomegranates, you're missing out. They might seem intimidating, but once you learn how to open them, they're like a little treasure chest full of rubies -- but delicious ones that you can eat. They're great on salads or just as is. Of course the POM site has plenty of recipes you can try. One caveat though: The juice stains, whether it comes out of a bottle or a fruit.


  1. I love POM! I also dilute mine with seltzer, but love it straight too. When I see coupons or a good sale for that brand I tend to buy it, otherwise I dont usually splurge on it.

    :) tj

  2. That really sounds delicious. I've never eaten a pomegranate, but did buy some pomegranate syrup for a recipe once. I lost the recipe and still have the whole bottle of syrup. It's just concentrated juice. I wonder if I could use it in seltzer, maybe a couple of table spoons over ice?

    Thanks for the post.


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