Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Second post in a row: Biggest Loser Season 7, Week 3

I know I just posted, but I had to add a couple of thoughts about this week's "The Biggest Loser." Just like last week, even though I can see where Joelle is probably annoying everyone, I feel that she needs help dealing with her issues, not just more lectures and yelling. She has pretty good defenses against yelling -- she just shuts down. What she needs is someone to make her talk about her issues honestly, minus all the hocus-pocus she uses to gloss over her problems. She needs someone to ask her hard questions, listen to the answers, and try to crack that shell. I don't have a lot of confidence in Bob's ability to do that, and I really don't see how she and Carla ever became friends since they don't communicate with each other very well.

I noticed that Dan (orange team) didn't take part in this week's temptation. I wonder if Dan is exempted because of some extreme food issues. His teammate at home might feel thin compared to Dan, but he still seems to have some world-class food issues of his own, so maybe he was the one they thought couldn't handle the challenge.

I listened to Jillian's podcast from Sunday, and she suggested that there are a lot of twists in this season that have made it harder to break through the contestants' defenses. It sounds like they're trying a lot of new things this season. Hopefully they won't get so clever with the twists that they sabotage the contestants' progress.

Speaking of progress, I noticed something interesting. Three weeks into the show, two of the bigger contestants are already off a bunch of their medications. I wish that they had said more about this on the show. Getting the contestants off their prescriptions didn't require a 100-pound weight loss. It seems that just the changes in diet and exercise habits, combined with a small weight loss, were enough. That's the message they should be trying to send to the people watching at home.

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