Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Notes on a tough day and Biggest Loser Season 7

Yesterday seemed to be a tough day for a lot of people. Two of the bloggers in my RSS feed posted major freakouts: here and here. Maybe it was because it was the second day of the first work week of the new year? I think we all felt we got a reprieve on the whole resolutions thing until Monday, but yesterday was a Tuesday, with none of the promise of a shiny-new Monday.

I didn't freak out but I was having a low-grade bad-body-image day. When I went to the gym to lift weights yesterday, I was really feeling unhappy with the way I looked in the mirrors. I waited to go in until after 8:30, and I think I was there at the same time as all the local trophy wives. It seemed like everyone but me was tiny, blonde, and wearing snazzy workout clothes. I was there in my messy ponytail and faded black yoga pants and felt like a schlub with double-wide hips. Where's Carson Kressley when I need him? The day did get better from there, thankfully.

Enough about me, on to the new season of "The Biggest Loser." As usual, I'll keep this a no-spoiler zone and just give a little taste of what happened. If you watched last season, you know that this one was planned as "The biggest season ever!" They have the oldest contestants, the youngest contestant, some of the sickest contestants, the biggest woman, and the biggest player ever. They also revealed a big twist this episode, although there's always a twist so that was no surprise.

I was freaked out by the doctor visit this time, when they showed the MRI scans and showed how fat actually starts to collect around your organs if there's no room for it under the skin. One contestant had already had weight loss surgery, and even though his stomach was still the size of an egg, he was still 420 pounds when he weighed in. Another contestant's abdominal fat had smashed his lungs to about 1/2 the size they were supposed to be. My wide hips seemed like less of a problem after watching this.

My least favorite moment on the show was when they had the contestants work out in the gym on their own before they met the trainers, with Bob and Jillian watching on a hidden camera. Most of them had never even been in a gym before, so of course they didn't know how to use any of the equipment so they looked totally lost. Some of the things they came up with were truly ridiculous.

My favorite moment was the challenge. I could feel my heart racing while I watched it. It was a really exciting one.

I have to admit I laughed self-consciously when Bob and Jillian got on screen to address the television audience directly. They talked about how much of a problem obesity was and how the show was trying to make a big change in the way America thought about weight: "but it doesn't mean anything if you sit here... watching the show eating ice cream!" I wasn't eating ice cream, but my husband had cut himself a giant slab of cake and I had a small piece myself. Seriously, Jillian, don't come kill me, it was a really small piece, and I counted calories yesterday, and was only 250 over my planned intake....

Oh, never mind. If I don't blog tomorrow, you'll know what happened.


  1. Oh man, I know those bad body image day feelings. In January, it seems like everybody must have got new coordinated workout clothes under the tree. I'm still in my same old yoga pants and t-shirts. Once those joiners start dropping, I hope to feel normal again!

    The MRIs fascinated me last night. I've had a few and my doctor sure didn't point out anything like that to me. I read that I had a bit of a fatty liver when I read the results on my own, but the doc didn't mention it at all. Yikes, I can only imagine what mine must look like. I appreciated them showing that surgery sure isn't a cure, clearly shown by the brown team father.

    I'll keep quiet about the cake when I talk to Jillian next if you don't mention I missed a full workout yesterday :)

  2. so, i'm still freaking out. but it's ok, i guess.

    i loved tbl last night! i was actually eating a bag of chips when i tuned in from my tivo, and i was completely caught off guard! so i got off my butt and walked on the treadmill for the entire episode. their little kick in the pants sure helped me, at least for that 2 hour span. i thought the challenge was awesome, while i was walking on the tread i just imagined i was doing the challenge right along with them, and i got all excited, smiling like an idiot alone in my exercise room.

    the thing with the lungs freaked me out too.

    thanks for commenting on my blog yesterday. i'm trying to get it figured out, and trying to be nicer to myself, as you said.

  3. I will admit it here. I WAS eating ice cream. BOTH me and my fiance. Bob totally called us out!

  4. I didn't even realize that The Biggest Loser had started back already! Ugh! I need to get it programmed on my DVR.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07