Saturday, January 17, 2009

Houseguest: A short summary

I had the lovely Jennette (a.k.a. PastaQueen) stay here last night after her trip to the headache clinic in Ann Arbor. We're not exactly on the way back to Indianapolis, but we're about an hour from Ann Arbor and we have luxury guest accommodations: An extra room with a blow-up mattress and its own shower nearby, with small shampoos collected from hotels where I stayed on business trips. It's all very posh, towels and everything.

Jennette was a great guest. I figured she'd be tired after a day of medical procedures so made my Chicken Tortilla soup/chili again and some whole-wheat cornmeal muffins. I thought we could go to my favorite local breakfast place for waffles. On the way, we had an unfortunate adventure with a flat tire on a very cold day. Joe's Tire and Wheel in Sylvania saved the day, and while the tire was being fixed we ended up having coffee and little mini quiches at the Chandler Café instead. Then she headed west on the Ohio Turnpike, hopefully toward better weather. I didn't think to take pictures but I did ask her to sign her book.

Poor Jennette has probably written the whole Ann Arbor/Toledo area off as The Land of the Beastly Cold and Snow. I know I'm very tired after all this adventure and tromping around in the snow, so I plan to laze around on my couch for the rest of today.


  1. Jen - Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it is weird and sometimes I just can't ignore it a second longer because it just gets so ridiculous. You might say this one pushed me over the limit. But, this is in my face EVERY day, so most of the time I have to either tune it out or go nuts. I mean really, this is a religion that dictates what kind of underwear the members (in good standing) should wear. They make really good "followers". It's enough to drive me to drink - ha! ha!

  2. I made it back safe! Thanks again for the hospitality. And to everyone: buy tires at Joe's!


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