Monday, October 06, 2008


I got home around 10:30 this morning and went right to bed. My two cats were more than happy to cuddle with me. I slept until about 4:00 and then did some reporting for the event. I am planning to suggest either going out to dinner tonight or ordering in carryout. I'm too tired to think about cooking. I imagine we'll skip watching "Heroes" tonight.

The long schedule was not really as horrendous as I thought it would be. I am really happy I decided to buy the club pass. It seemed a little expensive, but having a quiet place to sit, access to snacks and drinks and free wireless -- plus not having to bring my bags into the restroom stall with me every time -- I think overall it was worth it. I actually bought a 60-day pass, which will take me through my final consulting trip.

It's weird, though, the way money buys you out of what is, truly, a crummy experience for most people. Instead of having to sit in a noisy airport with announcements and weird hums and people everywhere, you get a quiet room with soothing music and enough space to have privacy. I think that when there's an option to buy your way into something better like this, there is less incentive to humanize the experience for the ordinary traveler. Think about the difference between first class and coach, or the express security lines for elite airline members. There is a sense that most of us should put up with some truly terrible conditions, as long as the well-to-do can buy their way into a reasonable level of comfort. If they had the same experience as the rest of us, I think that the rest of us would be traveling in a little more comfort.

That didn't stop me from enjoying the free wine and wifi, though. I'm not that righteous.

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  1. that sounded like one epic trip :)
    i'm totally with your thoughts here... i flew back overnight from NYC to Edinburgh recently and went to the tiny bathroom about 4AM and saw all the rich folk all stretched out & dozing nicely in business class and just felt that hopeless longing/rage. But i know if i could afford it, i'd do it :)


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