Sunday, June 08, 2008

on with our regularly-scheduled program

Things are still the same here, unfortunately. I'm exercising sort of sporadically and not tracking my food, despite my 4,000 resolutions to "start fresh." I was at my sister's house this weekend to visit with her and see the new (teeny-tiny) baby. I kept raiding her snack cabinet -- I am the worst example of a Weight Watcher in the nation. They are going to send someone here to film me for a "Don't" video, I think. I actually would be OK with that, if they'd pay me.

Money has returned to the top of my worry list now that it seems that the little guy is going to be fine. Money, closely followed by work, then angst over my fat, then my assorted neuroses. It's a more comfortable set of worries, though, than being afraid of losing my sister or my new nephew.

I leave for another work trip next weekend. I requested this Monday off, which is going to be a "staycation" day where I take care of all the little things I need to do but don't have time to get done in a regular week.


  1. I call those Fakations. Hope you can get the food back on track ASAP. Will help you to feel in more control of everything.

  2. So glad the little guy and your sister are doing well - I know that was a huge worry. Not traveling for a while should also help, though certainly the heat isn't.

    When I'm in a total funk of non-compliance with WW, sometimes the best I can do is just track what I eat even if I eat whatever I want. Maybe trying to eat right + track + exercise is too much right now. Take one little step and let us know how we can support you. I promise I won't send chocolate.

  3. Happy to hear about your sister and teeny-tiny nephew.

    Isn't money on everyone's worry list or the lack there of. I don't know anyone who has to much of it.

    I'm having a rough time managing my eating right now, work is too busy with summer field trips. I'm eating whatever the kids eat and then some but they will be over next Wednesday. You certainly are not the worst WW in the nation. I AM!!! Let's both get back on track.

  4. I'm finding that the money thing and the not staying on track thing are related. I'm currently only a couple of pounds over my goal weight (which I made last summer), but I'm 10 pounds over my low weight last fall. I'm finding that I'm just plain eating more stuff that's not points friendly (like bread and pasta) because it's so much cheaper volume wise than things that are (like cherry tomatoes). I'm maintaining a lot of my good WW's habits (like smaller portions of meat, cheese, peanut butter), but I'm not an online member any more (because of the money thing). Part of the problem is lack of exercise lately. I was doing Couch to 5K again this summer, but I got hit with a bug that meant I really couldn't run because I needed to be close to the bathroom. It sort of got me out of the exercise mindset. So I'm wavering between 136.5 and 138.5 when what I wanted to be by now was back to at least 132. I have two pair of jeans that don't fit as a result. However, on the plus side I'm managing to stay under 140 by hook or by crook. Here's hoping for a better day today for you and me both. Now if I can just convince myself that walking to the post office will both earn me AP's and save money on gas...


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07