Saturday, May 05, 2007

feeling Springy on days 5 and 6

Spring is a much easier time of year to be working on weight loss. The longer hours of daylight give me so much more time to do things outside, and the warmer weather makes me want to be out playing in the yard. Plus, the sunshine just makes me happier. In the winter, I just want to be huddled on the couch under an afghan after I get home from work.

Warmer weather also makes healthy foods more appealing. I bought some large pitas (two points each) from a Mediterranean market and have done a couple of fun sandwich things with them. Yesterday I chopped up some grilled chicken that we had left over along with some tomatoes, lettuce, roasted red pepper, and some basil. I spread the pita with about a tablespoon of hummus, put on the toppings and rolled it all together. I used about 2 ounces of chicken so it was a really good sandwich for five points. Today I didn't have any lettuce, but I had the brilliant idea to use the same toppings and add 1 ounce of part-skim mozzerella and grill it in the George Foreman for 5 minutes. It tasted sort of like pizza for 6 points.

I slipped a little with the Beck plan yesterday and today. I was well within my points yesterday, but I didn't really focus on eating slowly and mindfully. I don't think that I eat fast, but the point was to pay attention and I didn't really, though I really enjoyed my sandwich. Today's task, finding a diet coach, is already part of the Weight Watchers plan.

It's easy to forget things like reading my index cards and doing the checklist at night. I had planned to read the cards after breakfast and dinner and do the checklist at the end of the night, but as my weekend got busier, I just didn't really think about it.

I did have a real victory yesterday, though. I went to a party and helped cut the cake. It looked and smelled pretty good, but I wasn't really hungry. When I sat down, I was pretty far away from the food and was involved with talking to a friend. Another friend asked if I wanted them to get me a piece of cake. I thought about it, and I really didn't want any, so I just said, "No thanks." That might sound like a tiny thing, but to spend that much time handling the food and not be tempted to have any, even though I had some points left over, was a pretty big deal to me. Definitely worth a gold star.

So far, the week is really going well. I'm hoping to get into the 150s on Tuesday.


  1. Its funny how people operate differently in different seasons - I personally find summer and spring the worst times for weight loss; they make my favourite foods in the whole world - ice cream and cheesecake - that much more appealing! Also, the sun drains my energy, and I become incredibly lethargic. I'm more myself in winter and autumn.

    Just as well we're both happy in our respective choice of seasons at the moment, since in six months time, we'll both be jealous of each other!

  2. That cake victory is huge as far as I am concerned. I think this Beck thing is keeping you focused. And the 150's, WOW - that is awesome you are so close.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07