Saturday, January 20, 2007

scale follies

Like many Weight Watchers members, I ignore the advice to weigh-in only once a week, on their scale. Personally, I feel that's giving them a little more power than I'm willing to give -- they already have a lot of information on me like where I live, what I've weighed on all those different days, and what meeting I attended, all connected to my ID number. To put my complete trust in their scale seems a little too much.

I have a digital scale that weighs to the 1/2 pound, which usually seems pretty much in sync with the Weight Watchers scale. I like to do little unofficial check-ins now and then to see where I stand. It's interesting because it takes some of the stings out of the ups and downs of the "official" weigh-in to see how much the scale bounces around in a typical week.

Earlier this week, I stepped on the scale. After its little routine (the zero dances around for a while before it pops up a number, sort of a Biggest-Loser-style suspense tactic), it read 153.0. "What the -- ?" I knew it couldn't be right, so I stepped off and back on and got a more realistic 167.0. But I like to think that I got a little glimpse into the future.

There are certain times I step on just for grins, like today after my long run. It was cold and I wore a lot of layers, so I was soaked through. I knew this had to translate to a loss of water weight, and just wanted to see what it would look like on the scale. It read 161.0, down three pounds from earlier that morning. I'd better drink my water today.

Of course, none of this is "official." So I guess Weight Watchers does have me pretty brainwashed after all, with their One True Scale. I figure there's a built-in consistency to the same time of day, the same day of the week. And it's a little more reliable than shopping around for the best number on my home scale.


  1. One day at my gym, I got on it and it was a whopping 10 pounds lighter. I knew this had to be wrong; this was the day after a Chinese buffet gone wrong. I got them to look at it and the poor guy at the booth looked so crushed....he had weighed himself on it and thought he had made a great stride in his weight loss.

    My scale will do weird things like say I weigh 251 and I'm like you; I enjoy seeing it. But I'll like it more when it's on the offical scale.

    PS Do you have a "favorite" scale at WW? I've seen some people do some strange figurations in line to get to "their" scale.

  2. I don't have a favorite scale, but when I went to big meetings, I always preferred to have the leader weigh me if I was early so she knew what kind of week I had. But at my @Work, there's only one scale and one weigher.

  3. I love that "a glimpse into the future". You are doing so good.

  4. Jen, I just try and make sure I get the WW assistant who has good math skills, having gotten weird numbers....


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