Saturday, January 06, 2007

another beautiful day

Apparently we've skipped over January and went right to April here in the Toledo area. I went out for a run this morning on our local Rail Trail bike path and even though it was windy, we were right around 50 degrees. I was still glad for my Gore-Tex jacket to keep the wind out. I got in 45 minutes (6 Activity Points!!!) and it felt good. I had been tempted to beg off today because of a low-level crumminess I've felt all week, but I actually felt much more energetic after my run.

I fixed a nice, Weight-Watchers-friendly lunch. I had finally cooked up a little of the stuff I made from Andrea's falafel recipe yesterday, but I wanted the outside to be a little crisper and the inside to be a little less gooey. Today I made the patties smaller and thinner this time and used 1 teaspoon of olive oil to fry the two little patties in. I got one of my healthy oil servings and it improved the texture a lot. They were wonderful dipped in hummus. I had them with a salad -- I don't use dressing but I sprinkled on some salted sunflower seed kernels. I also made oven-fried sweet potatoes. Total points for this lunch -- 6, exactly what I earned from my run. It was filling too, probably because of all the fiber from the veggies. I would definitely make the falafel again. I used canned chickpeas and, since my grocery store was completely out of cilantro, I used double the parsley and added the juice of a lemon to simulate the taste of cilantro.

I have an unbelieveable 13 points left for today. I took some scallops out to thaw, and we're going to have them with some pasta, more veggies, and a glass of wine. I will probably have enough points left over for dessert AND a snack tonight. This all goes so much easier when I exercise and cook at home.

P.S. Those Rail Trails are a great resource. I really don't know how I'd get in a lot of my workouts without ours. Click on the picture if you want to find out more about the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. I have been a member for a long time since I enjoy using the trails so much.


  1. That's a beautiful picture; it's a wonderful day here in Central Virginia. Everyone was out running, of course, we had a few guys out in very short shorts and no shirts. Thank goodness, they were cute! ;-)

    Your meal sounded delicious when I heard about it the first time and even more when I read about it in detail. MMMMMmmmmm Good job with the running and the food.

  2. Excellent job, Jen! The Rails to Trails is a great program and obviously provides you with lot of places to run. Amazing what a little exercise, especially outside in January! can do to make you feel better. Your lunch sounds yummy - I'll have to try the falafel myself. Enjoy your scallops and wine!

  3. It's funny watching the news and seeing all the colder climates enjoying the weather we usually have done here (winter is in the high 50's low 60's during the day)!

    We do not have sidewalks in the community I live in, instead they have "greenbelt trails" you can get on one from each street. We usually ride bikes as a family on them, but when it starts to get lighter later, I plan to start walking after dinner on them.


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