Tuesday, December 19, 2006

stupid cookies

My friend is having a cookie party. I am not so excited about this because I'm supposed to bring 5 dozen of one kind of cookie, and I go home with 5 dozen assorted cookies. I'm a good cook--I love to improvise with my recipes and make new things. This is not a good trait for baking, so I rarely bake, because it's not really a good idea for me. And cookies are one of my least favorite things to make.

Of course I couldn't make some easy kind of cookie that I've made before. First I was going to make meringues, figuring they'd be semi-calorie friendly. But then I realized that it would be very difficult to make that many of them. So I moved on to plan B, before discarding that plan because the cookies had to be refrigerated 2 hours. I then picked what seemed to be the simplest recipe in the Betty Crocker cookbook my mom gave me and made it "Christmasy" by adding crushed peppermint candies and mini chocolate chips.

Well, they were a disaster. They spread out all over the cookie sheet and looked greasy and awful. Of course I had to taste them. The candies had gotten chewy and though they tasted okay, they wouldn't even come off the cookie sheet except in one huge mushy lump. So yuck.

The party is tomorrow and I have the day off so I can try another batch. I'm going to do something easier, something that I can't mess up. But I've never made this many cookies at one time before, and I can't believe that anyone does this because they like to do it. One dozen can be fun, but five dozen is a pain. I suppose if I had five cookie sheets it might not be so bad, but I am not going to buy five cookie sheets, because this is the last time I will ever make this many cookies. I promise.


  1. ((SNORT)) That is EXACTLY why I did not participate in my office cookie exchange this year. Small batches are fine, large batches are just insane.

    An easy recipe can be putting Peanut Butter cookie dough in mini-muffin tins, baking, then while still hot, push a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in the center of each cookie....

  2. Jen, dear Jen. I'm sorry your cookies didn't work - they sounded good to me! I have lots of cookie recipes and love to bake but I don't make anything anymore because having the ingredients on hand is too dangerous for me. When I do need to make cookies to take somewhere, I actually go buy a plastic tub of cookie dough from Costco. It makes about 6 dozen cookies, all the ingredients are already mixed, and all I have to do is spoon it up and put it on a baking sheet. I still eat too much dough but it's doable.

    And you make them in batches; you don't actually need five cookie sheets! YOu get points for trying though. I"ll award you an extra 5, one per dozen.

  3. Try the refrigerator cookie recipe from Betty Crocker. You can make double the batch of vanilla and decorate them with peppermint and whatever.

    When you go to the cookie batch, get one dozen of something you really like and the other 4 dozen can be something you can give to your neighbors, your parents, the mailman or deposit into the circular wastebasket.


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