Sunday, November 05, 2006

it's gotta be the shoes

I got talked into these Onitsuka Tiger "Ultimate 81s" by my running-nut husband. They're shoes that were made before the company name changed to Asics, so besides having a cool retro look, these are very old-school running shoes without a lot of the technical bells and whistles you find in modern shoes. They're sort of trendy now and people are buying them to wear with their jeans at the mall, but we both bought them to actually run in them.

I had worn them for a few short runs and they feel really good. It's weird, you can actually feel the ground under your feet through them, but they have enough support and motion control in the heel to keep my feet stable while I run and not let my arches fall. What I like most is how light they feel and how flexible they are in the front of the shoe. I ran an hour in them today, just to see if they would work for a long run. I felt terrific. At the end of the run I was running really fast (for me) as if I were finishing a race. It was a beautiful fall day for a run and I felt fantastic. I had a lot of nagging injury issues that had kept me from feeling really good while running and so far these shoes seem to be keeping them at bay.

I may have to buy a couple more pairs before the trend runs its course. I may have to start importing them from Japan if I still love them so much when they're not cool anymore.


  1. oooh, those are pretty!

    Thanks for your comments about TBL, I am still catching up on it so I don't know all the little stuff about everyone.

  2. Cool shoes Jen. I envy people who know what that want in a tennis shoe. The shoes I wear now, I bought over 3 years ago (right after daughter was born). I went to a store specializing in woman's athletic shoes at the mall and told the girl what I was looking for. She brought out 1 box of shoes for me to try on and I bought them.

    I promised myself that when I lost the first 30 pounds, I would buy a new pair - but I'm gonna try on more than one pair this time.

  3. Shoes are really important when you're running. The wrong ones can cause injuries and the right ones can make running a lot more fun. I guess as long as they fit and are comfortable, it might not be as big a deal for other activities, but I still think 3 years is a long time to keep wearing the same pair of shoes!!!

  4. He He. They looked like new when I started up the treadmill this spring and they do feel good, but I have noticed they seem a little looser and thought new shoes at 30 pounds loss will be a good non-edible treat.


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