Tuesday, November 28, 2006

good post-holiday meeting

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Today was my last meeting at my current Weight Watchers@Work session. There will be a meeting next week but I will be out of town. I may try to make it to some other meetings before the next session starts, especially because my leader hinted that some updates to the program will be revealed the week of December 11.

Since it was so popular, I updated my chart to reflect the last couple weeks' weigh-ins. I also added a "line of best fit," which is something that Microsoft Excel will do for you if you read enough Help files to figure out how. It shows the trend of the data in the graph. As you can see, the trend is a nice, gradual downward slope. That is fine with me. As much as I sighed over Audrey Hepburn's arms in my last post, I know that I would FREAK OUT if I started looking completely different in the mirror to myself all at once. That happened to me last time around. I think that losing more gradually this time will help me keep it off, at least I'm hoping.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words, especially Alicia for the incredibly flattering comparison, which is still one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me. I wasn't trying to sound sad, I was just trying to think about things in a realistic framework and work towards acceptance.

I was thinking more about "Breakfast at Tiffany's," and it's so amazing to watch a movie in which the heroine is smart and funny and incredibly beautiful. Women used to be smarter in movies than they are now. I told my husband that it's probably that the writers and producers got dumber. Now women are expected to choose between being smart (and less attractive) and being pretty (and dumb). Even "The Truth About Cats and Dogs" seems to suggest that Noelle is dumb because she's pretty, and that Abby has developed her brains instead of her beauty, which means that she is romantically unsuccessful, at least until she does the goofy charade where she lets Noelle be the face of Abby to a guy until he falls for her. Of course, the fact that Jeannine Garafolo is beautiful in her own right confuses things and makes the movie seem a little silly and pointless.

Watch movies from the "Classics" section in your video store and you'll see gorgeous, sexy women who charm men, often sort of simple-minded hunky ones, with their wits. I'd love to see a movie like "The Lady Eve" made today.

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  1. I'm bad with charts but it looks like you lost weight over this week; hooray!

    Really, I think a lot that's wrong with movies are two things: demographic testing (must appeal to 14 year old boys kind of thinking) and insane deals with actors which require a guaranteed return so there's no risk.

    I was discussing this once with That Guy and I thought that the last gasp of good moviemaking was in the 70s. Can you imagine Altman making "Nashville" now? None of the women in that movie were dumb.

    If you'd like to see a funny movie with a smart dame, rent/buy, "Ball of Fire" with Barbara Stanwyck. It helps that Joel McCrea (*heart*) is in it too.

    It's interesting that movies then had to deal with the various codes and industry requirements but yet managed to be funny, smart, subversive ("Miracle of Morgan's Creek" is amazingly modern).


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