Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I guess my good week did not go unrewarded. For some reason, 167.8 sounds so much better than 169.4 -- so much closer to 165, which is just 10 pounds from goal. I am weird about numbers.

I had been grouchy about going to meetings because I was getting frustrated with my progress. Here's the history so far:

My "official" starting weight was 172.4 on May 30. I go to an @Work meeting and the first weigh-in is a freebie just to see if you have enough weight to lose to be eligible to join, so my first 2.4 from my starting point here don't count toward my WW awards. So even though it says here that I have lost 7, according to WW I haven't yet earned a 5-pound star. It is sad how much I want that little sticker.


  • June 6: 170.0 -- good first week
  • June 13: 168.4 -- finally broke the 170 barrier
  • June 20: 169.2 -- oops
  • June 27: 169.6 -- double oops
  • July 11: 169.4 -- tiny loss is better than nothing
  • July 18: 169.4 -- thought I had a pretty good week
  • July 25: 167.8 -- finally edged away from that 170 ledge

It's amazing how my leader suddenly seemed inspiring and I felt love for all the people in my meeting today. Even the meeting topic was a good one this week. One of the women in my group said some nice things about "well, it's harder when you don't have as much to lose."

Four weeks left in this session, then we take a week off and start up again for fall. I doubt I could make goal by the time we're done, but I should be able to do it in the next session.


  1. Kris at Yoga today said she can SEE a difference in by body month to month now. I asked if she meant my belly - and she said NO - all over - hips, thighs, face. We are talking about TONE because the scale just barely moves. I wrote about fitting in a pair of capri's a day or two ago on my blog - the scale didn't move, but pants (button and zip) that didn't even MEET in the center, suddenly fit. I will take it - but I don't know where it is coming from if the scale doesn't really move . . .

    Congratuations on your loss. It does not make my feel jealous - it gives me HOPE.

    PS - I don't try to make sense of the word verifications - I try to SAY them. . .

  2. Off the ledges are the BEST pounds lost. Second only from moving from one set of numbers - 170's - into another - 160's.

  3. Yes, I'm really excited about the idea of breaking into the 150s, but actually, 165 is the next milestone I'm thinking about, 10 pounds from goal.

  4. Great work Jen! You're doing great. And great job Vickie!


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07