Saturday, April 09, 2016

Sometimes it snows in April: ENELL Ambassador Update

My first multisport race, the Dooby Du duathlon, is a week from tomorrow. Last night Toledo got the biggest April snowstorm in history -- almost 8 inches of snow.

It's pretty snow, though. My nephew, my mom, and I made a "snow lady," and it was the most perfect packing snow. I'm not sure when the last time I made a snowman was, and my nephew, who is 4, had never made one before, so it was fun. We also were going to have a snowball fight, but he didn't like having snow thrown at him so we did target practice instead by throwing snowballs at the shed.

In Toledo, we rarely get snow and sun at the same time, so it was a treat to go out and run on a snowy day with the full sun shining, no wind, and relatively warm weather. I am guessing that if the weather cooperates, I'll have a better time than my first time doing this race last year. I have ridden that bike course dozens of times since last year, and I have been doing more running than I was last year at this time, mostly in walk-run intervals. I know that I walked quite a bit of last year's runs, too.

ENELL is sponsoring me for this race, so I'll be in my cool new gear, including the new Biscay Green ENELL SPORT. Like all limited edition colors, when it is gone, it's gone, so if you are a green fan like me, you should get yours while you can. Besides the ENELL site, you can find them at online retailers like Bare Necessities (currently having a 25% off sale) and other online retailers, as well as some in-store locations. Green is one of my favorite colors, as evidenced by my favorite running jacket.

I'm hoping for dry roads and low wind -- both of which would mean the weather this year will be much better than last year -- but I have to be ready for anything between 70 degrees and sunny and 27 and windy. Toledo weather is like that.

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  1. My goodness, proper April snow! Glad you got some sunshine with it.


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