Monday, March 07, 2016

Hashimoto's Update

After talking with a friend, I realized that I had paid a ridiculous amount of money out of pocket to my alternative practitioner (who was also an MD) for less-than-stunning results -- I didn't need to see my "witch doctor" to go gluten-free and she never did change my meds to include T3, which was what I wanted when I went to her. I only saw an alternative practitioner in the first place because of my dismissive mainstream doc, I was always skeptical about it.

So I quit seeing her and got a referral to a new endocrinologist, with assurances that he was less rigid than my original doctor. He put me on Armor, which did seem to help normalize my body temperature and improved my skin. Armor is expensive and the tablets are huge and hard to swallow. My doctor also wanted me to take a half dose once a  week, so now I'm taking Nature-Throid now, which is about 1/3 the cost, and it seems to be helping. I will know for sure when I get my tests in a few more weeks.

I wish I had asked for a referral to another endocrinologist instead of wasting time and money with the alternative practitioner. I thought I'd post this to help others going through the same thing.

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  1. Hm, my Armour is super tiny. Maybe a little larger than birth control size? Maybe I'm on a tiny dose? In any case, I'm glad the Nature Thyroid seems to be working.


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