Saturday, August 08, 2015

Enell Ambassador Race Report: Women's Only Triathlon

Note: Enell paid my race entry for this race as part of their Ambassador program. 

I have a race tomorrow, so I think it's about time that I write my race report for the Women's Only Triathlon in Sylvania on July 26. This is a well-orgainzed race -- the same race management company that puts on the much larger and longer Sylvania Triathlon (which I am racing tomorrow) also does this race. I appreciate this after attending some other all-women's races that were not as well-managed.

Speaking of management, my husband, who usually helps me get ready for my races, was at a cross-country camp, so I had to do everything myself. It really made me appreciate what he does for me. Since I was solo, I made the command decision to leave early for the race site so I could get a closer parking spot, and do all of my organization in the parking lot. It worked out well -- I probably spent half an hour fussing with my stuff, and if I had done all of that at home, I would have been parking in the boonies. My car hood worked just as well as the living room floor for laying things out.

This year racing has been so much more fun because I have a whole team of people to train with and visit with before races. It really helps take away some of those pre-race jitters.

I felt very strong for this race, and it was a PR for me on this course. I had a pretty good swim, went faster than I expected on the bike, and had a pretty good run for me. For once, my bike place in my age group was better than my swim place. 

The best thing was that I felt good after the race -- in other races, I have felt really sick, but my new sports drink has been helping, I think, and I have also trained harder and more consistently this year than I ever had. 

I had a lot of fun and a great experience. Several of my team members placed in their age group and one (second from the right) was the master's duathlon winner. 

Another longer race tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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