Monday, June 01, 2015

Fit by Fitbloggin' update: A few weeks to go

I leave for Fitbloggin' in two dozen days! The time has rushed by.

I haven't posted an update in almost a month. In the meantime, I have been finishing up the school year, exploring new opportunities, training for my summer races, working on my Fitbloggin' talk, visiting with family and friends. I also am playing around with the konmari method, and have finally gotten rid of things that I was holding onto for years with the hope of "someday" fitting into them, even things that are way out of style. I have a lot more work to do on that front.

I have mostly been happy and busy. I have not, however, made the progress I had hoped on my weight -- I won't be thinner for Fitbloggin' than I was last year, though I would say that I am definitely fitter. Just last week I did nine hours of training -- though not the 11:15 my planned called for, still great in a week where it was impossible to get out and bike as much as I wanted to. I did two swims, two runs, three bike workouts, and a yoga class. Not too shabby.

The craziest thing is that before I leave for Fitbloggin' I will be traveling to the West Coast and starting a summer job that I'm very excited about, doing a training project for a Fortune 500 company.  So much stuff going on, and I will be spending this week getting ready for all that. 

I am sure that there will be some harrumphing that I haven't made my weight as much as a priority as the "Fit by Fitbloggin'" project would have indicated, but personally, I'm not surprised that my weight was up a bit at the end of the school year, and one of my priorities for summer is going to be working on that. As my training ramps up, just increasing my food quality a little bit and getting rid of some of the too-frequent treats may be all it takes. Maybe I will konmari my food as well and ask, before I eat something, "does this spark joy?" 

Looking forward to seeing some of you in Denver. 

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